Exercise Tank

by HFCadmin ·

Exercise "tank." Purpose: Learning to maintain calm in tense situations. (5 min) This exercise helps you tune in to a nasty hold a conversation and the first 10 minutes. Instructions: Close your eyes. Imagine or remember a situation unpleasant conversation with the conflict, "emotionally charged" parent. Take the role of "blank forms" or tanks jar, in which your interlocutor, "pours", "laid" their convictions words, thoughts and feelings.

Try to feel the internal state of the "reservoir". You – just a form, you do not respond to external stimuli, but only take them into their internal space, while remaining cool and neutral. You would not like in reality, there is only an empty form. Practice 2-3 times before the beginning of the conversation, and everything will be easily obtained. When you believe that formed the inner state of a "reservoir" to engage in dialogue with the interlocutor. The second phase of the conversation with a parent – a constructive dialogue and debate solutions to problems. In order to avoid confrontation with parents: Must be restrained benevolence and openness emphasize the importance of parents in the upbringing of her child, parent show a positive disposition towards his child. When parent sees and feels that the teacher cares about the welfare of his child, he no longer resort to the "psychological" protection and is prepared to cooperate. Do not need to strive, by all means to defend their position to impose its views to parents (pressure leads to a protest).


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