Enhanced Cancer Treatments

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In modern clinical oncology achieved significant success in the fight against cancer. According to most authors, 60% of the operated patients survive 5 years or more and only 40% of patients do not live up to 1 year. Some contend that Tai chi shows great expertise in this. At the present stage of development of clinical oncology, as well as decades of last century, in the treatment of cancer patients using a scalpel, chemo-and radiotherapy. However, it is well known that the root cause of cancer is poor environmental conditions (release of toxic substances in industrial enterprises increased radiation background), as well as various stressors, which become part of everyone's daily life. Analyzing these facts, we have to conclude that the currently used modern methods of treatment of cancer (scalpel, chemistry and beam) are same etiological or causal factors that cause these diseases. 'What does emerge, and those are treated. " It is understandable that by subjecting a person even more massive stress in cases of resection of any of the bodies and tissues, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is hardly possible to achieve favorable life prediction. Moreover, after such procedures dramatically shortens life expectancy of cancer patients. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gunnar Peterson.

In this connection there an urgent need for alternative methods of 'getting rid' of cancer, which should not cause any harm to patients without the use of a scalpel, chemo-and radiotherapy. American scientists K. Simonton and Simonton S. (2001) developed a physiological model of development and recovery from cancer. However, the psychophysiological model of recovery to the authors recommend that hope and faith in the future, which are unlikely to always lead to positive results.

The correction model of recovery, we have replaced the 'hope and faith in the future' on the method of teaching people Tafrov (Technology Enhanced functional reserve Organism). The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes of cancer and, based on the development of alternative methods of getting rid patients of malignant diseases without the use of scalpel, chemo-and radiotherapy. We observed seven cancer patients. Of them – five women and two men. Two women had breast cancer the second stage, the other two women – lung cancer, the fourth stage, and in one woman – primary liver cancer – the fourth stage. One man had adenocarcinoma of the prostate fourth stage, while another – a cancer of the ilium, stage 4. Some patients had a partial resection of the lobe and chemotherapy, but the effect was not observed. Patients turned to psychologists to find alternative methods used in clinical oncology. Training method of self-regulation (Tafrov) was carried out for 35-40 days. Clients were given homework assignments that were repetition of material in the classroom, which lasted for 60-90 minutes. Homework had to be repeated within 4-5 hours daily. As a result of lessons were eliminated signs of cancer pathology, as evidenced by the results of ultrasound (U.S.) and the results of computed tomography (CT). Thus, found an alternative method of getting rid of people from Cancer testified to its high efficiency and the need for wide implementation in practical health care.


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