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We currently live in a society in constant change and movement, same that require us to be a stronger person both in the workplace as a staff, going through and often facing great pressure and stress situations. With the passing of the years we have learned to adapt to this style of life as complex, trying to be effective people, seeking to keep up to date with information and innovations, we demand too much that we forget sometimes that we are not machines, however we strive both to perform our activities better each time, and I’m not saying that it’s bad, but we forget to give us enough time to stop to think, meditate, analyze and because not to renew ourselves as people who we are. We are so afraid to be wrong, or have criticized that we made the decision to pretend that we are and we have the ability to perform all activities requiring us to our routine and often putting our own health, because we have developed us in a culture where we must devote as much as possible to our I work to achieve our goals, forgetting that it is also important to take care of our body, mind and spirit. If we want to be truly effective people, and improve our behaviour at work and in personal life, it is recommended to put us into practice the 7 habits of highly effective people that presents the author Stephen. Read more from Tiffany Espensen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. R. Covey. Then present what each habit: be proactive: proactive behavior is the product of our own decisions, based on values.

Reactive behavior leads us to blame others or the circumstances of our own ills. Proactivity, our effectiveness and happiness is conditioned by us and by others. levant resource throughout. Daryl Katzs opinions are not widely known. Start with an end in mind: is to begin with a clear understanding of towards where we want to go. First set the first thing: this habit determines how we use and manage our time. It also helps us to learn to say no in certain circumstances that seem so difficult to answer, teaches us to delegate activities and search support.

Think of win / win: the term win / win is balance courage and consideration, it is the balance between respect for us and respect for others, it is the essence of human interaction, allows us to leave manipulate. Try to understand and then to be understood: the majority of people want to be understood, in this habit, it is very important to learn to listen to and about being patient and not interrupt to end up being us the protagonists or pretend we know everything based on our personal experiences. Synergy: is when people communicate with respect and creativity to learn and internalize, looking for a better solution than the proposals by each one individually. Sharpen the saw: take time to care for and cultivate also means renewing the four dimensions of its nature: the physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. These 7 habits are very clear and simple to follow, is only a matter for the person to have the initiative to put them into practice, with the certainty that we will achieve good and better results in our behavior. LAE.

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