Effective Diets

by HFCadmin ·

When you want to lose weight is your first option to make the fad diet? Often you will lose 5 to 10 pounds, but then return to your old eating habits; and if you stay with that diet suddenly see you with more weight than the previous one in a few months. why diets is not work? #1. The diet is a lifestyle, not an isolated event. In almost all diets to lose weight, you’re not eating the way in which you will eat the rest of your life. Usually you will eat food that you don’t like much and are not for anything delicious.

If you determine you long enough you will arrive with her until the end, even if this takes you to stomach pains and frequent trips to the bathroom. But you know that at the end everything is just by the diet, instead of searching for stamps more healthy that may be even more rich and that you can enjoy in large quantities without you increase weight. #2. Diets can be depressive. Let’s be honest, the word we don’t like diet. It gives us fear, and even hunger just to hear it. The same word diet is depressing for many of us. We believe in letting all those things that we like and are welcome.

We see ourselves comiento sprigs celery while others eat hamburgers. The same Word can even make us think about stop socializing because food plays a very important role in our way in which we interact with friends and family. We think about what we would do if we are invited to dinner, what we would say, it’s horrible to disappoint others. We see ourselves in our imagination, lonely, sad and hungry. We finally give up and went again into the world of uncontrolled power, happy eating every crap that put us in front and with more weight than before entering to the diet.

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