Difficulty Maturation

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Circulatory disturbances in the cortical zones of any location can leave traces of a lifetime, if the child could not recover on their own. Agree that parents and pediatricians and neonatal difficult to understand that hypoxic changes in the parietal area may respond to the complexities of setting and achieving goals ("goal setting") at certain stages of development. Proven fact that the transferred ischemia in line with striate arteries of the right hemisphere of the brain contributes to a susceptibility to depression, as hardly known to the public. Attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, emotional-volitional disorders, convulsive reaction , incorrect posture, delayed speech development, impaired sleep formula You can go on forever, but it might be better to see a specialist? What is the meaning advice neurologist? Evaluating a complex all the information about pregnancy, stage of labor, ultrasound picture of the infant's brain, the data is an objective examination of the neurologist can not only identify those hidden from conventional views to be trouble in the maturation or the restoration of brain structures, but also predict the difficulty in forming certain functions in the absence of proper treatment. If the prescribed treatment? Treatment of any lesions of the nervous system is most effective in infants under 1 year of age. Up to 2 years of life the brain the child will grow in volume by 2,5 times. Timely appointment of drugs that stabilize the intracranial pressure, improve metabolism in the nerve cell and activate the maturation and the restoration of the affected neurons.

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