Dictionary Of Phobias And Fears

by HFCadmin ·

By: The next time you feel scared when you hear the thunder in the middle of a rainy day ask yourself if you are a victim of tonitrofobia: fear of thunder storms. There are many phobias that humans suffer, perhaps even without realizing it. But what is a phobia? The dictionary defines this Greek word as "aversion to something or someone obsessive, compulsive irrational fear." But a thorough investigation we found more clarity on the issue and found out that the phobia is an intense fear that causes anxiety usually disproportionate to the actual situations . As important fact must be said that the victims of phobias are aware that their fear is irrational. stated however that this letter is not intended to make an analysis from the standpoint of medical or health, work that would correspond to psychologists and psychiatrists among other illustrious therapeutic science specialists. outside the medical practice we intend to do our study basis points social and language and share with you some interesting facts concerning the various types of fear and loathing with which we fought every day six thousand five hundred million renters of the world's most beautiful cosmos. Let's start with the most famous and popular of all: hydrophobia. Actually this is a special case because today is not considered to give an anxiety but certainly a pretty serious disease. The horror of the water is only one of its manifestations. So taste is not recommended to others telling them jokes suffering from rabies because it is kind of addicted to the refreshing and necessary in our bathroom every day.


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