Child Safety In Taxis

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Taxis – a convenient and secure way to transport passengers on the routes they need. Now, when people need to move around the city and beyond, especially value their time and comfort, professional service Carriers are most relevant. The possibility of rapid delivery vehicle with an experienced driver and the passengers made a quick delivery service taxis are very popular. On cars with a “checkered” on board the ride to work, sports centers, restaurants, train stations, airports, on a visit. One of the main arguments appeal to taxi companies is the safe transport of all cars undergo a daily inspection, and drivers – medical examination. A leading source for info: Katie Greene. In addition, the major taxi companies, valuing his reputation, equipped with additional tools that enhance comfort and passenger safety – communication with the dispatcher, traffic on disclosing roads or on sites where the repair is carried out overpasses, airbags, which reduce injuries in the collision to zero, etc.

Even motorists who have their own car, from time to time choose to leave it in garage or a parking lot and take a taxi. However, the number of passengers in taxis are frequently and children: a trip to the clinic, to submit to the theater, to visit more convenient by car than in the public transport. But along with the comfort necessary to ensure safety and kids. This is precisely the aims which took effect in January 2007 the law on transportation of children under the age of 12 years, according to which for safety of small passenger must use special restraints. These include child seats, boosters, guide straps and shock-proof screens. Now a little more about each of these devices. Under the name “Boost” refers to an elastic cushion, which allows your child to raise on high, when the regular seat belt will pass over his shoulder, and not cross the neck. As a rule, no booster attached to the seat and pressed against the weight of the passenger.

This guide strap allows you to hold a standard safety belt in the position where it can be used for children. The strap can be explained, shoulder or passing between the legs. Shock-screen – this is a device fitted to the child restraint with a view to the distribution of forces on the upper part of his body. But the most convenient and effective protection device children during accidents is the car seat, fixed by a special mount or wear a passenger with a small full-time safety belt. Of course, for kids of all ages and chairs will be needed

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