Cancer – It’s Not A Sentence !

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Lectures doctor – oncologist, PhD Amirozyana SA on "Production of" Our Brand "to prevent and restore the health of cancer patients' cancer – one of the worst diagnoses for any man. Oncological diseases are the third leading cause of death. However, cancer can be beaten, as evidenced by numerous cases of healing from this disease. And here it is also important to understand what cancer is. Cancer called malignant tumors that have certain characteristics: the ability to irregular rapid growth, ability to metastasize (spread independently through the lymph and blood pathways); locally infiltrating destructive process. Stage of cancer. 1.

At the initial stage, damage or change the genetic code, or cell structure. This damage makes the cell vulnerable to other cancer-causing factors. 2. In the next stage (hidden) interact with the modified cells are carcinogenic factors. Most cancers are characterized by a latent period of 10 to 40 years. 3. The progressive stage begin uncontrolled growth of cells and tumors that destroy healthy tissue.

4. Stage metastasis – the most dangerous stage, because the tumor may occur in any vital organs. Each day, each person has a 10 000 cancer cells – mutants and killer cells of our immune system eliminates them. But when stress, poor diet and lifestyle, excessive sunbathing and the lack of vitamins immune system may miss a cancer cell, and the process has begun … It is very important cancer prevention. First of all, it is proper nutrition. Every day on the table must be raw plant foods – vegetables, fruits, herbs and dietary fiber, contributing to the development of normal intestinal microflora, which produces a substance involved in cancer protection. Need to get enough selenium, zinc, vitamins A, E, C, B6, B3. These substances are antioxidants, they inhibit the flow of all processes that encourage the emergence of a malignant tumor. At the same time antioxidants destroy cancer cells wherever they are. In the case of cancer, an increase of antioxidants in the diet is necessary. This not only helps the body fight disease and reduce the harmful effects of cancer treatment – radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Selenium – a powerful antioxidant, it helps to mitigate the effects of both cancer cells and destruction of already existing tumor. Beta-carotene is an effective antioxidant that inhibits the processes of transformation of cells into cancer cells. Scientists believe that beta-carotene activates antitumor immunity, generation of active killer cells that can recognize and kill cancer cells. Amaranth oil has a unique composition of biologically active substances. Contained therein, tocopherols, sterols, squalene, oleic acid normalizes lipid metabolism and hormonal balance normalizes the immune system, affects tissue respiration, have antioxidant activity – all prevents the formation of cancer cells. – Beware of quacks! 70 to 90% of medicines for the prevention of cancer fake! For treatment as well. Expensive does not mean useful! Cheap is not profitable to forge. – In civilized countries after investigating the different races are treated differently. In America, for treatment of American blacks, for Latino and Caucasian completely different. – We are not Chinese to be treated by Chinese herbs and mushrooms. We are totally different, we have a different climate, different genotype. Treats that are with us. The fact that for centuries was closely with our energy, that has fueled and fed our ancestors and what they gave up their strength, their energy and their lives. Prevention program may include. Read more …

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