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According to a recent study (and don’t ask us how have done so because we have not the slightest idea… but we can take a little imagination) in the Miraculus consciencious humanus institute of Ocklahoma (Japan), 9999% of the bulls of this planet are illuminated. Dan Ariely may find this interesting as well. Yes, Yes, they are illuminated. Why, is too obvious to desobviarlo… Recently, the delegates Council delegated not those who have nothing to do, stated that the bulls are little more or less than gilimondias(osea, unos memos). To which, the Council of the defense of the bull, superior race, defended himself thus: well, you know, we live in the country of Iberian males and those who need to have greatness in santos eggs that carry in the squares to then discover that one skips the mata and the sidewalk.

Nothing against gays, or a lot less!. Santos boys are those who declare greater love a man that no to a bull, and they say it aloud and without bias but they not head-on in impossible tasks wanting to prove the unprovable: much manliness and low caste… and then attacking those who love their peers and crush them!. But this redundant string of testosterone badly off and poorly focused is ending with the patience of a breed who more than santa, is lit!. Bullfighters, yes argue that study is right on the percentages and the bulls are made to die in the plaza. But we ask for the 1% that escapes from the seats, or at least avoids the undignified riveted. That 1% is that kills the Bullfighter to defend a race, rather than race, seems a legend which are saved…

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