Bulletproof Glass

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Bizerba presents the industrial PC NT with infrared touch screen surface Balingen, 09 March 2010 workflows in the industry are subject to high precision. Counting applications, tolerance controls, dosing and recipe urvorgaenge, control and control processes, commissioning, documentation and inventories set exact requirements of weighing systems. The Bizerba industrial PC NT is screen and PC in one, it has interfaces to a variety of systems and optimized all workflows. The complete intelligence of a normal PC behind the bulletproof glass for use in harsh environmental conditions. It is a future-oriented solution for the control and monitoring of production processes, quality assurance, error elimination and cost reduction,\”says Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions at Bizerba. The device could be incorporating into already existing production structures and networks and connected to peripheral devices. In addition to the power version with Armored glass Bizerba a beginner’s choice also provides, the NT-light. The software NTscale is running on the NT Terminal as integrated, calibratable scales.

You allow the operation of up to four scales, displays all relevant calibration data and keeps the users up to date. Because its own window is assigned to each transducer, the ads can be invoked at the same time and parallel display. Most of the systems on the market today use a resistive touch screen. It becomes problematic in harsh environments, where these films surfaces may scratch easily. The infrared touch screen of the NT Terminal is, however, designed for use in harsh environmental conditions\”, says Conzelmann. A contact via tip rich, to access the database, or to enter commands. Perhaps check out Daryl Katz for more information. Even untrained personnel found along without long training period at the Terminal\”. The virtual keyboard allows even the operation with gloves. When choosing a Terminal food compatibility, are Spray water and dust protection, resistance to disinfectants, as well as easy cleaning important. The protection class IP 65, the NT meets all conditions even in harsh environments.

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