Body and Hostile Environment

by HFCadmin ·

Your body to adapt to the hostile environment, begins to generate a symptom is dyspnea (shortness of breath, rapid, shallow). For someone who was watching you, think you are very wrong, when in fact that dyspnea is a defense mechanism that your body generates a bombeara more oxygen, and thus combat the deficit. We continue with another example a little exaggerated, but that for can serve educational purposes: if I am so unaware that I start running like I had 20 years, I suddenly caused a strain and because he avoids the possibility of giving me a heart attack. And who before an examination has not had a fever timely …? Some time ago, I was sent to a clinic in Madrid, a 25-year-old, who later for multiple tests, both her and her husband, they do not find anything organic to justify why he did not stay pregnant. I was referred with a diagnosis of a esterilidad psicogenaa (or psychic cause.) The patient I'll call Mary. He said he came from a family with parents very close and where she was the eldest of five children with whom was particularly well. In all planned integrated brief psychotherapy, psychodiagnostic stage is crucial and in this case, I realized that her relationship with her husband was very emotional and were deeply in love. After making a thorough study, had with her first and last session of psychotherapy. I told him directly that he knew he could not have children – can not have children because you've already been a single mother To my statement was absolutely blocked, and after a few seconds, I replied annoyed – at all, I I was a virgin at marriage …

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