Bjorn Holste

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Have a round concept for singles and all the joy of reading. Information, tips, trends, and a forum – everything what the single heart beat faster. In collaboration with the young company Optimus-IT, the author Bjorn Holste was able to call the page single-time.net in the life. The page is built up similar to a newspaper. The highly creative head of Optimus-IT, owner of Corinna nickel purisitsche design with artistic elements implemented so that it fits in the informative and clearly structured concept by single-time.net. A week, visitors will find a current column from the themes of love, sex, society, everyday life and relationship.

That is not enough, which can browse the collected works of the author under the item of “Columns”. All columns are summarized in a “magazine” and can be read E-book or printed out. oderat/’>Wendy Holman is the source. So that not only the mind is stimulated, the visitor has the opportunity to participate in surveys and to find out about current, selected party – events in the region and a German city. Of course he can learn about an RRS feed about updates. The informative home page is rounded off by a week saying of the author as an current tip or trend. In the Forum, each user has the chance to participate actively in the events and to address requests for new columns or to entertain in the open talk with other members about the life and the love of singles. Maybe even the single life can be found. Single-time.NET, an all around well thought-out concept without annoying ads or charge for singles and have all the pleasure of reading. Bjorn Holste

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