Baal Sulam

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And that's fine! Now we only need to constantly talk about it and explain in what condition we are. In the words of Baal Sulam: 'I am glad I am that Born in a generation, which can be distributed to all the Kabbalah. " After all, he revealed a flaw that Kabbalah should be corrected. When will end the crisis? We exist in a particular time. Need to understand what is revealed broken spiritual Kli. That is what we see today. And therefore we must treat the world as a broken spiritual climate.

The spiritual climate is not somewhere in heaven. Spiritual and earthly differs not his material, and the bond between us. All previous crises, all good or evil forces, which were revealed before, were only intended to increase our egoism. While the current crisis reveals how selfishness destroys us. In all previous stage, we disclose that selfishness will lead us to development.

What happened in America fifty years ago? – 'We – a generation of development, prosperity, consumer! ". What about today? – All this selfishness, consumerism is all over. For the first time we reveal our selfishness as destructive. And it detects everything. Thus is revealed the broken spiritual Kli. l-Medicine-for-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. As you can see, the crisis persists, he continues. And it will not end. Strikes will come one after another – until we reveal them reason, until I found a drug that has not yet agreed to accept it. Between us – all the worlds Question: Recently you said that the Baal Sulam just made a revolution in the dissemination of Kabbalah and brought it to new stage.


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