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That term was 20 months in the first proposals of Work. If there is no agreement, the parts will have to be put under an arbitration. To thus it contemplates to the real decree law it that regulates the reform of the collective negotiation approved east Friday by the Cabinet. The real decree law that has approved east Friday the Government to regulate the reform of the collective negotiation reduces the maximum term to renew an agreement to a bracket among 8 and 14 months, against the 12 and 18 months that the Secretary of Labor had raised, Valeriano Go’mez. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jim Hackett by clicking through. To the first rough draft that the Ministry of Work sent to Ceoe, CC.OO. oughout. and the UGT it determined that maximum term in 20 months before being put under a mediation mechanism, including the binding arbitration, top that Thursday Go’mez to between 12 and 18 months reduced after to have reunited with the unions to explain their proposal to them of reform.

The term of 8 months to renew it will be for the agreements whose duration is of two years, whereas the top of 14 months will be applied to the agreements whose use is greater of two years, the press conference explained Valeriano Gmezen subsequent to the Cabinet. A related site: Cindy Crawford mentions similar findings. &quot pays attention new; dinmica" of negotiation, since the term is reduced of present the 6 months to 3 to denounce an agreement. In addition, the maximum time settles down in a month to constitute the negotiating commission of the new agreement. With these measures which is avoided it is that the ultraactivity is lost (the automatic renovation of an agreement expired before the lack in agreement to renew it), needed Go’mez, who added that there is to avoid that the negotiation left from " cero" and it would suppose a loss of rights for the workers. Once exhausted those two terms it is when the process of mediation or arbitration enters in force, said Go’mez, that it remembered as thanks to that system the conflict of the air controllers were solved. .


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