Apartment Stock Exchanges

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The big players and the secret tips real estate platform of course our portal comparison begins with the three leaders in the online real estate market: Immowelt.de, Immobilienscout24.de and Immonet.de. For the advertising of services must be paid here in all three portals. In doing so, Immowelt turns out as the cheapest provider and has a relatively high range, also through local portals with various partner sites. The most expensive provider Scout is also the largest. With over 1.2 million monthly offers and a high degree of popularity, an advertisement here reaches those most interested. Immonet moves both the prices and the range in a good midfield and can keep up as a competitor in any case.

Who searches on the portals themselves living room, you will find satisfying all three results. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Daryl Katz. Immowelt additionally provides the practical gimmick that here area maps apparently equal with display the location of the future apartment. Immoblienscout also offers additional benefits and shows also available Quotes about kindergartens or sports facilities directly on. However should be taken on the automatic extension for all offers. But also the views of less well-known portals can be worthwhile. On Immopool.de, offers can be advertised, for example through a monthly flat-rate, unlimited. That pays off in particular for professional players in the real estate market.

Offers can be set, however, even for free on Immobilien.de. If this but worth the comparable relatively small range, each provider itself must decide. Especially for people with tight budgets, some platforms that provide services away from high brokerage fees developed in recent years. The platform Yoom.de allows as alternative marketplace to provide previous occupant directly with potential Nachmietern to avoid costly brokerage fees. The use of the platform is free of charge, in agreement, the tenant pays a so-called transfer fee, which is considerably smaller than cases in most of a corresponding Sum with brokers. Also tour dates can be agreed directly via the portal. The problem here: The landlord must search online and the found tenant agree, and that is not always to guarantee. The offer and search possibilities for individual rooms for rent are an important part of the online real estate world so, particularly in university towns is rare on the search for an entire apartment. WG-Gesucht.de is rapidly growing and widely used here. Since 1999, the site offers listings for Commission-free rent rooms and also apartments or houses. With over 5 million users the page not unjustly is the largest of its kind in Europe now. The free service are both seeking suitable enough range of offers as well for Inserierende a large range. Similar concepts track student Wohnung.de and student-WG.de specialising also notably on students as the target group. The offer and search activities follow a similar system and can use the big competitors WG-Gesucht.de keep quite. Students-WG.de offers several additional services, for example a platform for carpooling. For students looking for apartment search on multiple portals is at the same time. Who after this evaluation still looking for the appropriate alternative, she can look at the detailed list on Alternato.de and browse for the right apartment on other portals.


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