Antarctica Production

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Arbol (derevobeton) – gost 19 222-84 – is a unique building material, a type of lightweight concrete, consisting of wood chips and high-grade cement. From opilkobetona Arbol differs in that is used in the Arbol wood chips. That makes chips Arbolito unique sound – teploizolyatsonnye properties, also increases the strength Arbolito chips, creating a skeleton. When multiple excess of the limit load for Arbol, namely the skeleton will not give Arbolito collapse, which removes the master of the house with all the worries about shrinkage at home with vibrations of the foundation. Arbol exceeds most building materials on the main characteristics, especially on the thermophysical properties. Thermal conductivity Arbolita is 0.09 W/m2 * C, because of this Arbolita possible to build low-rise residential houses without insulation in wall thickness for the Moscow region, 36 cm Incidentally, due to their properties from Arbolita in Antarctica in the 60's of last century at a Soviet research stations have been built three office buildings and a canteen.

The thickness of the walls was 30 cm! And it is in a severe Antarctic climate! Arbol is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials, because a block of Arbolita is 90% of the tree. This gives Arbolito breathability that approximates the properties of a wooden house. However, unlike wood, Arbol does not rot and is not subject to destruction under the action of fungi and microorganisms. According to Charles Margulis , who has experience with these questions. Arbol – does not burn and is capable for 1.5 hours to resist fire. These properties give Arbolito – high-grade cement and aluminum sulphate – the chemical additives used for water purification. All of the above properties Arbolita make it the best material for building houses, cottages, baths, garage, fence, arbor.

Arbol withstand heavy loads. Where, for example, lightweight aggregate block of similar strength increased compression – will crack and split apart, arbolitovy block just slightly compressed. As a consequence, ground vibration, temperature extremes, illiterate to make a foundation – walls of Arbolita not let cracks, unlike keramsit other lightweight concrete or brick. Price keramsit and Arbolita almost equal, small overpayment for Arbol leveled by . Arbolitovye blocks easier and overall , in consequence of that is savings in time and laying on the applied solution. Environmental production safety Arbolita significantly higher than production keramsit. Filling the latter, get baking clay, which is a hazardous industry. The line for the production of Arbolita, simple, easy to install, does not require large production areas. Serve the production of four. Train staff can be in three days. Line launches for 1,5-2 months, and already you have it for 3-4 it pay back in full. Vendors lines production Arbolita help with the implementation and advertising. It comes in the additional services and is recorded in a separate agreement.


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