Alternative Optics

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Modern motorists really care not only about the technical characteristics of their cars, but also about their appearance. For example, many people simply can not imagine the tuning of an expensive car, in particular, "Mercedes", without alternative optics. After all, she makes the car literally change the face. In addition, it allows you to install on the car "lensed optics" very high level of quality, which earlier in the case of this model of the machine had only dreamed of. Today can easily be replaced by an alternative both the front optics.

The highest preference for many motorists give the led elements. In the case of Mercedes, there are several options for optics, both the front and rear, which has a very high quality and give the car a unique appearance. Looks wonderful crystal Headlights. In this case, windshield lights are very well polished and has a perfectly smooth surface, which improves its optical properties. Beam of light that is emitted by the light bulb is focused by special reflector, which feature is the large number of faces. They further refract the rays, due to which the headlamp as a whole and like crystal. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gunnar Peterson. Not without its advantages and lensed alternative optics for Mercedes.

These lights, which look just perfect, fitted with an extra lens. It provides the focus of the light beam and a significant increase. The most common and popular today forward an alternative optics for cars Mercedes, which is called "Angel Eyes". The main difference between this optics of other varieties – is the availability of the rim around the headlights, which is great number of small LEDs. They attach to the headlamp as a whole a unique and unmistakable appearance, and the entire structure as a whole make a harmonious and complete in terms of design. Features of various types of alternative optics can be combined into a single model. For example, crystal optics, "Angel Eyes" has a maximum amount of benefits and the most in demand among motorists, however, and its cost is higher than other models. If we talk about the back of alternative optics for a Mercedes, then as a separate species can be distinguished light-emitting diode and crystal. Especially beautiful in the eyes of many motorists who looks exactly crystal optics. Rear optics for these car models characterized by the fact that most often it is made under the chrome. Especially looks nice chrome reflector. Alternative rear optics red strongly resembles a standard. It can also be framed in dark colors. Eg. Tinted glass headlights looks quite elegant. Handsome, and painted in black reflector. Rear led optics type differs. That it is usually used in incandescent lamps completely replaced by diodes. The brightness of their glow is much higher than conventional light bulbs, making light of the brighter lights. In addition, diodes, compared with incandescent have greater reliability and less likely to fail. This feature is very quickly appreciated motorists, resulting in led optics quickly became the most popular of all kinds. It is this type of optics mounted on the latest models of Mercedes. Although the optics for the most part, and is part of tuning, though, choosing alternative lights for your car, it is worth while to think about their functional performance.


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