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Snow Queen Oncology

by HFCadmin ·

So, we have a brand new image of man. The current level of knowledge and high resolution measurement technique allows to identify the different changes in activity of the human body in complex interactions with the environment (the method of vegetative resonance test 'IMEDIS-TEST'). To broaden your perception, visit Julio Diaz. Then what is the 'health'? This condition, when healthy cells of regular geometric shape corresponding to the rule of 'gold' proportions are synchronized in a wave interacting with each other at all levels (cell – organ – organ system – the body) and through its own biological field forms harmoniously interact with other organisms. What is 'harmony inside'? – Balance of feelings and thoughts. We are the environment of each other. Today, doctors of academic medicine acknowledged the resentment 'Snow Queen Oncology'. Negative attitudes towards each other, indifference, envy, hatred – is the wave processes which may lead to vibrational disharmony. A violation of the constancy internal environment leads to a severe chronic disease, devouring humanity today.

The importance of this phenomenon is confirmed by modern molecular biology – epigenetics. The subject of her study are epigenetic marks – chemically active molecules that control the genes and serve as mediators between the environment and the hereditary code. Markers are placed along the double helix of DNA and act as switches – giving effect to the blocking or genetic information. Scientists have discovered that living organisms record the processes of adaptation to the environment in the chromosomes of the descendants and transmit information. A different device to the environment, different ways of life 'includes' and 'off' different genes.

So, on the one hand, we can stop a bad heredity, so strongly affects the destiny of man. On the other hand, science warns that the negative attitude towards each other harms your children and grandchildren. And the old argument that more human forms – heredity or upbringing, it seems absurd. Finish the same article could be phrase, which I found in one of the books on the Kabbalah: "Everything is based on mutual influence. Wherever we go and whatever we do – our thoughts create the reality around. " 22/01/2009