Zorg Fifth Element

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Scattered in sorry-Like-matrix method caped fellow betmena, Maxim to become a hero in the eyes of the waitress and her idol. At the same time, unknown fathers savvy geeks to attack whether or not the neighbors. Further details can be found at Lin Dan, an internet resource. Casually destroy each other and complain of bad smells. Of the fathers of vivid personalities are Egghead, The Wanderer, the Pope. If you liked the book Egghead after radiation sessions broadcast towers to visit the bath, then soak in the film Egghead's own right in the bath During the broadcast. Full geek. Geniuses subservient to another clone of Zorg Fifth Element. It seems to serve the geeks – it's a tradition at Zorg-clones.

Maxim meanwhile enters the ranks of the Guard and in his spare time catching Radioactive fish, to surprise her Radu agility and hunting skills, walking on the frozen parks. Guard patrol in the boring Max very quickly, so as to sing 'martial arrrde-us' he has not learned, but in court proceedings of the geeks and the scalding Gosha Kutsenko he understands nothing, and decides that it's a comedy, therefore, shows his smile. He decides to be a healer of the guerrillas-geeks, but a lot of healing not get rich, so he began the destruction of the towers. Before the attacks on the towers it gives geeks loops, through which it is easier to pull the corpses. Do not make a career of geeks, so came up with Maxim to become a householder and return to Rada, but these plans were not realized viper gave spying, which spies, and immediately telephoned to whom. Now Max – con, hunter robots and tanks. Avtopulemety like meat grinders, and tanks for domestic cars with a domestic fiberboard.

All this is of bamboo and aspen. I remember that book inhabited island was barren, the soil is not bare, but here the vast thicket, you look and there is a panda. Currently sits in jail Maxim quietly while you do not accidentally learns that there is near a desert. And the sand has never been so there tends throughout its kind. Makes for himself a BMP and goes into the wilderness, taking with Guy. Let's wait for the next part.

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