Worst Enemy Foods

by HFCadmin ·

Today it is common to see how most people have clear that to lose weight it is necessary to stop eating certain foods, since their nutritional content makes us more prone to gain weight. This is why have emerged hundreds or perhaps thousands of diets that promise to make us lose weight if we stop eating certain considered banned, which are mostly those with a high caloric intake. The curious thing about all this is that the majority of those diets never work, since those who practice them feel a tremendous frustration at being unable to consume those foods that no doubt are liked by most, so end up abandoning and away from anything that will resemble a diet. always see the glass half-full losing weight is something so complex and subject to so many variables that it has become an art. One of those variables is the perspective that we give to the Act of making a diet. When we start to do something because we have, or by obligation, having to make sacrifices in the way to achieve this objective it is likely that encomienda that doesn’t end well.

When we set as a goal eliminating excess weight, we must always see the glass half-full, this is, see the positive side of each one of the things that we are going to perform. A trick for this may be to change the perspective of how we see things, for example: forget about the existence of good foods and bad foods. See it rather as a nutritional and less nutritional food. When modifying your diet to lose weight is essential to give priority to those foods that are nutritional for the body, however the key to the success of any diet is in forgetting the word banned, giving him a small space to those foods that are your total satisfaction, like desserts, sweets, etc. Portion control is the key there are many indications that stresses that the key to success in a diet is not in what we eat, but in the amount that we do. If we were able to reduce the portions of food that we eat in the day, not only will lose weight, but that we will be able to occasionally eat those foods that we both like and that are considered enemies by the majority of traditional diets. So you know, from happy eating what he likes but always in small portions.


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