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Sodexo restaurant pass the wage increase 2009 Frankfurt, October 14, 2008 – be In autumn made wage and salary decisions for the coming year. With some appropriate tax tips, employees can negotiate a higher salary and also still tasty making the fee increase the employer, you can save a higher social security taxes on the employer’s contribution and deduct the cost of these extra benefits from the tax. Also, the workers on the other side save the extra taxes and social security contributions and benefit from a salary increase, taking into account the interests of the business. Meal vouchers represent an attractive solution Sodexo pass as the restaurant. The big advantage of the State-sponsored employee meals is that she immediately and without administrative hassle or costly is feasible management structures. So companies can provide employees with the restaurant pass easily a beneficial social benefit. Learn more at: Smart Sites.

Unfortunately, still too few companies know This payment option. According to a study of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft, only 1.8 per cent of employees in this country get coupons to the catering. Therefore, Germany is located in international comparisons far behind countries such as France, Austria or Italy, where every tenth employee benefits from restaurant of checks. In Belgium comes even every fourth benefit from this funding. State-sponsored and tax clearly lays down so that the subsidies come into their own, certain limits must not be exceeded. Sodexo offers pass the restaurant a fiscally attractive model, to optimize the level of remuneration and so effectively to increase. This is normalized in the PAYE policy and forms a separate tax category, which does not conflict with other rules. According to the income tax guidelines companies can send their employees on each working day up to 5.77 euros tax-free so are monthly per employee up to 86.55 euros and thus control per year 1.269,40 euro – and Social tax-free cash possible.

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