Wheat Germ Oil

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Suitable for daily skin care face and hands. The uniqueness of wheat germ oil due to the presence in its structure of three active complexes: antioxidants (tocopherols and carotenoids), essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acid in an optimal lipid ratio (3:1) and vitamin D, B, F, pp, pantothenic and folic acid. Wheat germ oil compared with the known vegetable oils differs a maximum content of vitamin E (up to 1200 mg%), and prevail most active forms – alpha-tocopherol (70%). Sumarnoe number of beta, gamma, sigma-tocopherols – about 93 mg%, tocopherol acetate – approximately 83 mg%. It is made from the middle of the embryo of wheat grain, germ'y. Although She is only 3% of the total weight of grain, but contains 25% protein, various vitamins and minerals.

Wheat germ oil obtained by cold pressing, ensuring the safety of all biologically valuable materials, helps prevent atherosclerosis, reproductive function and potency, improvement of skin, hair and nails, retards the aging process. Wheat germ oil stimulates metabolic processes, improves the condition of both dry and oily skin, improves complexion and rejuvenates the skin, keeps skin supple and fresh, even in old age, has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cleansing, anti-cellulite action. Shown to remove wrinkles on the neck, face, especially around the eyes, with the problem and contaminated skin from abrasions and coarser skin, chapped, rough and chapped lips, from cracks on the palms and in the corners of the lips, prevents the formation of stretch marks, including pregnancy and change in body weight, is used as a wound-healing agent in solar and household burns.


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