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Who is Heather, Erika, or Hermann? My three Heath farms reward Heath typical name with original heaths massage hearing randomly on the typical for the Heath name Heide, Erika, or Hermann? Then you can look forward now twice: firstly: the Heath blooms in their beautiful, purple colors. On the other hand: All people with this Heath-typical first name received from the three Heath farms-Wellnesshotel in the Luneburg Heath a very special gift: each guest with a given this name if he makes holiday in the Heath heyday from August to September there an original Luneburg Retama stamp massage given to a very special treat for your back. The three Heath farms have made smart of course with regard to the meaning of this name. “” As means of noble form”Heide, Erika the sole ruler” and Hermann the army man “. To be called Heidelinde or Heide Marie a guest might, so pressing of course in the Nice hotels Eye to. At The Nature’s Bounty co. you will find additional information. And should be the one or the other Hermann”the heaths prefer inside, so he gets a bottle of original Hermann Lons Heidekraut liqueur gift instead of a massage. The three Heath farms enjoy the first German potato-hotel in Lubeln, the round village saga field in Hitzacker and the Cameroon – Africa wellness also all guests who have no Heath typical names. Heath & co.

as well as Sabine, Monika, Gerhard, and Wolfgang, for example, can feel at home in many actions to the Heath bloom so all around? For relaxation and recreation, there’s the soothing Heidewellness pampering applications end. How about a hot milk and honey bath with scented Erika flowers or a full-body peeling with original Heath sand? Together with the wohlfuhlhotel guests visiting the shepherd in the Nemitzer Heide, which tells of the roaring fire of the life of a real Heidjers. The stories from the Heath, there is fresh Heather tea cosy’s can’t. Or you lets us take in the unique, mystical beautiful heathland of Breeser reason, where it is believed a fairy or a small troll behind some trees. “Who instead on Shanks’s pony” wants to explore the beauties of the Heath rather via wire donkey, makes to exit one of the most beautiful cycling routes, which is right on the doorstep: the Heath route leads along beautiful paths of the Hanseatic City of Luneburg directly to the Crescent village Lubeln, where the first Germans waiting for potato hotel the day trippers. And because cycling is famously hungry, of course also feasting is announced: the new Heath potatoes present themselves the hungry guests in many different variations, then a dream in blue: freshly harvested and delicious blueberries pampering guaranteed! Enjoy the best of the Luneburg Heath, the contact country and the Elbtalaue.

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