Tired Eyes from the Monitor?

by HFCadmin ·

I think many people get tired eyes from the monitor, especially for webmasters (I am also the webmaster) for those who work a lot on the computer, or who have a lot of kids play video games. I will help you adjust your monitor possible under their eyes! Consider a few standard rules to be followed! – The monitor should be away from your eyes at a distance of 50-70 cm, – you should not see the reflection, glare, created by an external light – the monitor should be at a height when the center of the screen at eye level – take breaks for yourself (recommended 1-2 times in 2 hours, 10-15 minutes) – do not place the monitor in front of a window or so the light fell on him from the window, that's basically all the advice that need to adhere to so what would your eyes get tired less! Our eyes are unique, so adjust your monitor to fit your eyes! The brightness of the monitor. Do not make the monitor very dim or very bright. Your eyes do not have to strain as you read text or watching videos. Refresh. Personally, I made a screen refresh rate 75 Hz, (In Russian television standard refresh rate 50 Hz) of the human eye should not see the flicker, so I think that maximum frequency is better! but if your eyes get tired, then it is better to do less! And lastly I want to say: friends, at your computer as little as possible. Indeed, health can not go back!


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