This Water

by HFCadmin ·

Rust is the ideal environment for sustainable growth and spread of bacterial colonies who have managed to adapt to chlorine. If you ask for, clean up 35 tons of tap water, drank an average citizen in his life, the result is about 420 cups of salt and pollutants. This Water 'junk' is in our body: settles in the joints, blood vessels, blocking the cell membranes of all organs and tissues of the body, not allowing them to function normally. Entering the water supply network is exposed processing, in particular chlorinated to destroy harmful bacteria and germs. Can I drink this water as fearlessly as do the heads of water utility before the tv cameras? Water disinfection with chlorine, saving Rights of the deadly microbe risk exposing the chemical threat (latent and do not feel akin to radiation), which threatens long-term consequences for health. Chlorine and its derivatives are irritating effect on membrane of the stomach in particular, and the gastrointestinal tract in general, chlorine is a poison that inhibits not only pathogens, but also useful. This can cause dysbiosis, and as a consequence – Digestive Disorders, because a healthy microflora, the bacteria involved in digestion, too, are killed by chlorine. Eating for health, natural yogurt and other foods that contain beneficial live cultures, and Moreover, using tap water to quench thirst or preparing food – what more body gain, harm or benefit? Chlorine and its compounds, as well as bromine, dioxins and chloroform, which are also found in tap water water, causing diseases such as nephritis, weaken the immune system, affect reproductive functions of men and women, provoke toxaemia of pregnancy, congenital abnormalities of the fetus, as well as high stillbirths.


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