The Spanish Food

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Eating is one of the needs more basic man, but thanks to the great development of the different parts of the world gastronomic trends eating is not just a necessity but a taste and a pleasure thanks to the Nice and delicious flavors that have been achieved with so many dishes that are made around the world and so food passes need to an art of tasteful looking for maximum satisfying the palates of persons. Among those wonderful foods of the world that have sought to stand out with its great flavor, nice image and delicious aroma conquering all types of palates to around the world, appears the Spanish food, that with a wide range of meals all with unique flavors have positioned themselves as a meal most complete and delicious in the world. Spanish food is basically developed with the elements of a Mediterranean meal, without however as it is typical in most countries, each region offers different culinary cultures, which has allowed the great diversity of flavors and dishes, with plenty of ingredients, by the which although diet predominates Mediterranean type, are also other tendencies and even combinations. Other trends that can be tasted in Spanish food are those of Arabs, and Latino areas with which speaking of Spanish food there is no a specific parameter, most easily occurs the mixing of several gastronomic cultures. Entering more in-depth features that accompany the Spanish food, is a meal that makes much use of meat pass the levels considered I ideals regarding the consumption of animal protein, which generates that consumption of fish eastward far below normal even in areas in which fish can be very easily achieved. In what refers to the use of oils, it is evidence of a great use of olive oil, but in earlier times was very common the use of animal fat, especially the lard, but the use of this ingredient now is nil, passing to vegetables such as vegetables and fruits, while heavy use of these elements is made to comparison of other typical of the Mediterranean countries, does not reach the ideal consumption of these foods. While Spanish food is characterized by a great variety depending on so many regions, there are certain points on which coincides in all Spanish territory, which are:-the use of olive oil in many dishes, both in raw foods and fried foods – for the realization of many dishes makes use of a stew or sauce made with onions, tomato, salt coriander and garlic – during meals it is customary to drink wine – many meals are accompanied with pan – consumed many salads, feature that becomes more evident in the seasons of summer – to finish meals gives dairy desserts such as fruit consumption.

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