The Profit

by HFCadmin ·

This vibration low not only isn’t capable of sustaining life, but it also acts as a ballast in our vibratory rate. They are simple math. The day after ingest products with different vibratory level. The higher the total result, more easy will be for us to maintain a high vibration. This translates into a better functioning of the body.

2. Physical exercise. I will not extend me talking about the advantages of exercise, because we all know them. I’m simply going to remember two facts. The first is that the human body is designed to be physically larger than most animals, to those who had to hunt to survive millions of years ago. It is not designed for sitting twelve hours. If our life makes us be very sedentary, we have to find a way to compensate for this fact, and find time and space to exercise frequently.

This is a priority, much as eat, sleep, wash us or go to the bathroom. There is no excuse for not doing so. If you’re not a professional athlete or if you don’t have a job that requires enough physical activity, you have to find some form of regular exercise. Otherwise, you’re not doing you responsible for your health. Second fact is that exercise is also beneficial to energy level. Many of the blockades, or stagnant energy that at times have our chakras or other parts of the human energy field, could be improved by making exercise. Some exercises are better than others from this point of view, but in general, to move us and breathe better, produces an expansion of the aura. The most obvious benefit comes from the intention that we look after ourselves, and pleased to give our body what it needs. As always, be aware of what we are doing is what multiplies the profit and the results of our actions.

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