The Private Health Insurance – PKV

by HFCadmin ·

A PHI has in contrast to a normal health insurance very significant benefits. A private health insurance can take out any worker in a gross monthly income of more than 3975 for more than free years. Because then you cross the line of duty insured person with a current locale health insurance. In addition to the Selbststandgen, the artists and the freelance private health insurers, regardless of income level is. In a private health insurance can also eligible for the aid and officers insurance. To benefit from it include, for example, Federal and State MPs and the judge.

Relatives of soldiers who are eligible for aid have no income and can therefore assure even with PKV. The workers who have private health insurance receive from the employer 50 percent of the contributions reimbursed up to the ceiling of the statutory health insurance funds. Another great advantage of a PKV eats that one can choose a tariff. You can then choose, for example. whether you want to have a one in a hospital or twin room or multiple rooms.

This allows the policyholder choose just one fare to his needs and desires. You can also include a private health insurance to its tariff with a sickness allowance. This jump in when one more for health reasons can not work and the continued payment of wages by the employer’s duty to an end. Because without it, the policyholders of private health insurance on the otherwise usual income.


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