The Perfect Child

by HFCadmin ·

The family when she is to the wait of a baby, idealizes a perfect child, when this is born with a special necessity, the things move, therefore they start to think of that it forms will go to educate this child. When the parents if come across with a deafness diagnosis perceive that from there everything he will have that to walk of another form. First he comes the shock, being thus, is necessary that the parents learn to deal with these alterations and finish partilhando its fidgets with people who already had also passed therefore. After that they start to think as it will be the adaptation of this child in the way where the reception of the same one in the society lives even though and, for finally arrive to think about having the necessary orientaes so that he can follow of the best possible form. Research in mainly shows certain resistance to them of these parents in relation to the deafness and in relation to the Language of Signals that has a basic paper for the acquisition of the language of this deaf child.

It fits to the parents to give to the attention and the necessary affection so that it develops its communication of the best possible form, giving to opening and chances for its affective, cognitivo and social development. The deaf person and the school. In elapsing of the years, he was possible to observe that, in the area of the education always we hear to say that poor children do not obtain to follow the pertaining to school activities even though due its familiar problems, malnutrition or proper incapacity, what she does not differ from the opinions in relation the deaf person, who comes being discriminated since the beginning of its existence.


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