The Metaphysical

by HFCadmin ·

In the search of the return of metaphysics we can say that it thinks the being while being. The Metaphysical representation must this vision to the light, that is, what such thought tries as light, it is not in itself same object of analysis: therefore this thought analyzes represents me continuously only the being under the point of view of the being. The same light valley as clarified for the o fact enough to guarantee the transparency to each point of view on the being.

The tree of the philosophy appears of the ground where if it occults to the roots of metaphysics. The ground is, without a doubt, the element in which the root of the tree if develops. The soil is soil for the root, inside it is forgotten for the tree. The philosophy is not recognized in its bedding. In the measure where a thought if puts in march to try its thought looks for to think about the proper truth of the being, instead of only representing the being while being, it abandoned, in certain way, metaphysics. Visa of the part of metaphysics, the thought if dirige in return for the bedding of metaphysics. Metaphysics to remain lower court of the philosophy. In the thought of the truth of the being metaphysics is surpassed.

This ' ' overcoming of metafsica' ' , however, it does not reject metaphysics. While the man remains animal rationalr is animal it metaphysicum. While the man if to understand as animal rational, belongs to metaphysics, in the word of Kant, to the nature of the man.


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