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In the truth, the adjusted nomenclature more would be ' ' lixo controlado.' ' The incineration alone is an option when the process has guarantees of that it will not go to poluir air, confirming itself sufficiently expensive e, therefore, only economically viable for some types of residues of the health services. Moreover, it has the thermal treatment made by a machine that triturates and submits the infectante garbage the high temperatures becoming the inert garbage, that is, that it is not infectante and that can be stored fills with earth in it sanitary with the too much solid residues. I fill with earth it bathroom is the only acceptable option for what really it is garbage, that is, residues that cannot be reaproveitados, nor recycled. For the current culture of ours society these sanitary aterros receive residues inadequately reaproveitveis and recycle. Hear other arguments on the topic with Wendy Rene. This reality determines that the aterros have its time reduced useful life, tronando necessary the construction of a new fills with earth in less The commitment is distinguishing fills with earth of it sanitary is the responsibility with that if it treats the garbage to be stored in a place. Since the choice of the area, until the preparation of the land, operation, determination of useful life and recovery of the area after its closing, everything are thought, prepared and operated in rational way to prevent damages to the public health and the environment, contributing for the agreement and management of the Support considering the interactions that exist between the ecological foundations and the activities of ' ' to produce? ' ' consumir' ' , that they represent the essence of any economic system. The great intention of the ambient planning is its subject and its object, therefore it is centre section of an organization of great transport a program or strategical plan with tactical plans of each area results together in and the operational plans referring to the processes carried through for the together area form a set of plans which if calls organizacional joint, and can: Hidrogrfica basin, unit of conservation, ambient education, system of ambient education of companies, recycling of residues of packings, treatment of tributaries, reduction of the energy consumption, reduction of the ambient impacts in the manufacture of products, reduction of ambient impacts of services. .


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