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Benefits of Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding – is not friendly gatherings, in which they often turn. You go to the gym to engage in body structure or acquire friends or stare at girls? This is a key question that simply need to find the answer! If you've chosen one of the latest version, then we obviously have nothing further to say, I still do hope that you choose to do bodybuilding at the gym, not as some other things. On coming to the gym, it is important to keep the fuse for the entire workout. Unfortunately, in the gym very often found that those who clearly do not intend to seriously pursue, but only wants to talk to you. Well if these conversations concern about technology implementation of an exercise, rather than the price of tomatoes in the market.

In this case, quickly get rid of this "nice" companion, not drawn into the debate, your job to build their body, and everything else – outside the gym. Much worse, when such a "bird-talker" begs you to the gym and you are in effect for some reason have to take it with you. Then of course you need to act discreetly, since this person for you what it's worth, otherwise you otshili it immediately. For example, you can wear headphones to play music louder and just ignore it, but if anything to say that you already do not think his workout without music and are not able to get rid of it. Incidentally, the headphones with the right music, a very good way to get a workout in the fully concentrate on the work of their muscles. The most deplorable situation, it is when you yourself are "Bird-talkers," and can not do with myself. You in any way to attract attention to himself by flirting with the girls, according to stick to the trainers and of course talk to the regulars at the gym.

Again, I suggest you answer the question: what is your purpose of stay in the gym? If it is, that like to talk, I will not help you here. If you intend to engage in bodybuilding, but you can not do it in fully because of its nature and excessive sociability, the first step to failure to focus on those outside the gym. Thus, talking only about the essential problems of practice. Further, all the same try to realize that the gym – a place for sports, not talk. Read more here: Daryl Katz. When you come the realization that, believe me, your results in bodybuilding is extremely increased. Next you open your mouth only to what to say, "Please, can insure." This is the highest peak concentration. Strive for it! And remember – you're the best! Repeat this to yourself, until then, while every other passer-by will not repeat it after you! You the best!


Lose Weight

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longevity 4. Gentle relation to the joints. 5. But the main advantage magnetic orbitreka a smooth change of load and braking without jerks This is achieved using a magnetic braking system, which changes the load smoothly bringing a permanent magnet to the flywheel. Single group elliptical trainers – Ergometers Ergometers pay great attention to the cardiovascular system. In connection with this computer ergometer provides a wide range of functions than ordinary elliptical simulator. Unlike a home elliptical trainer – provides a more accurate ergometer control load, and readings.

Load level is determined by a computer elliptical trainers, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism user, and provides automatic electromagnetic system. Ergometers also show the total load in watts, making it possible to use therapeutic purposes. Some models provide the ability to connect your computer to a PC ergometer. This allows you to indefinitely extend its orbitreka. The effect of elliptical trainer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Abbey Martin by clicking through. Elliptical trainer from exactly the same effect as in the rest of cardio training machines. With orbitreka you can: 1. Lose Weight 2.

to strengthen the body 3. improve endurance 4. strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems 5. improve the coordination of movement 6. buy slim, beautiful body. And all this is achieved with gentle respect to the joints. Indications for training on the elliptical trainer: No begin training immediately upon waking, you need to have passed for 2-3 hours and should not engage in orbitreke before bedtime. Time of day to pick and choose, being guided for their biorhythms. Coaching can be done in two hours after a meal. After training, please refrain from eating food at least an hour. =) If during exercise you thirsty, drink, simply rinse your mouth. And refrain from drinking fluids immediately after the workout. Clothes should be a minimum. Before each workout do the workout. Warm-up will prepare the body to stress. If you try to warm warm up those muscles that you train. Do stretches, exercises Shoulder belt squats. Contraindications for training on orbitreke. When training on the elliptical trainer on the body turns out to be a considerable burden. Even with perfect health should not peretruzhdaetsya. If you felt pain in the chest, malaise, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, fainting, nausea … immediately to stop training. It is strictly forbidden to train on the elliptical simulators for people with severe cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, tachycardia, and frequent attacks of angina, severe forms of diabetes and cancer, requiring immediate treatment. You also should not exercise during illness.


Exercise Bikes

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Exercise bikes are a child who did not like to ride a bicycle? Think what a pleasure. And what prevents you ride on it now? You say the robot for household chores, the seed … to help can come exercise bike. What is the exercise bike exercise bike is a versatile trainer is not much different from its ancestor – the bicycle. He also has a saddle, pedals, handlebars, wheel (wheel). However, you are never with him not fall and pierce the bus, you do not even have to leave the apartment, that would take a ride. In addition to the pleasure you get rid of the weakness in the body, strengthen the heart and lungs get rid of extra pounds and more.

Exercise bikes and ergometers. There are two types of exercise bikes: magnetic exercise bikes and ergometers. Magnetic exercise bikes – the very first version of this simulator. Magnetic exercise bikes have a permanent magnet, on the approach to the flywheel has a inhibitory effect on him. Modern versions are equipped with on-board computer that monitors: pulse, calories and speed.

Advantages of this bike is its durability and quieter robot. Exercise Bikes – a modern model. This bike is designed for workouts. On-board computer runs a much greater control over the exercise, measures the volume, characterized by precise control of load and pulse … The advantages of this bike stands a more modern braking system in which there are no mechanical elements. How to choose a bike? You need to know what bikes for their dimensions are divided into: a compact exercise bikes, exercise bikes big. Compact bikes are characterized by low cost and designed for user weight of 80 to 100 kg. Large higher price and are designed for user weight of 120 to 140 kg. They are perfect for obese people. In any case, before buying the bike you should consult with the sellers. More should pay attention to the drive system from pedals to the flywheel, it is belt, chain, combined with the intermediate shaft. The next important criteria are the sensors of the pulse. The sensors used in pulse all current models. There are several types of sensors for measuring heart rate. 1. Clips. Is a clip to the ear. The principle is quite simple robots, the LED shines through the earlobe, and Photodiode commits light, woven with the pulsation of blood. This type of measurement pulse is inaccurate, due to gradual changes in pulse arithmetic average is taken, and who like to be connected by wires from the machine. 2. Wireless sensors. They are attached to your body and send signals to the computer. 3. Sensors embedded in the handle bike. The most accurate and convenient way to determine your heart rate. You only need to hold the steering wheel. The most important criterion in choosing the bike performs computer. Computer. It is very important and valuable part bike. Size varies a computer that is not how many square centimeters to the size of a small TV. He main it features: 1. pulse-2. measuring calories burned 3. display of training time 4. Displays the current speed of 5. load control 6. opportunity to put a workout 7. opportunity to complete the exercise by burning some calories. 8. Fitness Assessment – determines the degree of recovery. At last. Do not drop the class, when the heat will be buying. Engage daily exercise and will become a habit. Do not allow yourself to relax.


Sports Nutrition – The Success Of

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All professional athletes are aware of: to achieve the results possible when it comes to the combined effect of rest, the training process and power. In many cases, the bodybuilder diet is one of the fundamental parameters affecting the outcome studies. It is therefore quite natural that sports nutrition is occupied by the first places of the market the sports industry. Nutrition enriches the athlete necessary materials and components for optimum growth and development. Protein structures are needed for muscle contraction. Due to heavy physical exertion they decompose. Amino acids – the main structural component for build muscle tissue.

They are organic substances that are formed without exception, protein compounds in our bodies. Manufacturers of sports nutrition are investing money in an impressive creation of products based on amino acids, because these costs are economically viable. These days, fitness, bodybuilding and other strength sports is impossible to imagine without special food supplements, because the growth muscle requires increased content of protein ingredients in the usual diet of a bodybuilder. In addition to supplements based on amino acids, one of the popular supplements is protein. These products provide the body with an athlete enough high quality protein to build and restore muscle fibers. For the effectiveness of training and meet the so-called energy components that make up the pharmaceutical preparations and food supplements.

Among the variety of additives on the world market food for athletes, especially popular on the right uses creatine provides energy balance of muscle fibers, as well as reducing them. Creatine significantly increases the strength characteristics, the energy potential of the athlete and, above all, has a pronounced anabolic effect. Achieve high sport results without the use of illicit drugs can each. Of course, with proper combination of nutritional supplements, exercise, daily diet and rest. The main thing – faith in yourself and competent strategy.



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Feel free to move the secondary classes in the resulting gap and enjoy a useful activity – exercise. Next time, when this period of time to allocate? In the morning, not everyone can get up early, after work – very tired, and want to eat, as well as singing, something about the occupation sports, and speech can not be. My advice – choose the time for physical exercise after work. But that would preydya, home, instead of playing sports did not begin to absorb food, snack on the way home, "perebeyte 'appetite fast food. In this case, the problem of fast food, it is to kill your appetite. By the way, here's a good article on this topic – How useful fast food.

And now preydya, home you already eat is not much want and can devote time to the sport. While hunger is not the main problem many people are so tired at work, at home just tumbled to the ground, what do you do? In this case, we can help sports nutritional supplements – ENERGY. The beauty of these additives is that they stimulate your body, pushing the tired for later. Energy can elevate mood and desire to play sports, so that should a beginner in the early stages. Energy does not give you energy, and include your back-up power and that's good. All of them have the same active ingredient – or caffeine, or herbal stimulant, and differ only in packaging, price, as well as flavors and dyes.