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Pastoral Sector

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However, in Brazil the vote is obligator for the citizens who are in the etria band between 18 and 65 years. With 16 or 17 years, young already can vote, however in this etria band the vote is facultative, as well as for the aged ones that they possess 65 years more than. In Brazil we choose our representatives and governing. Who is the people chooses the integrant ones of the legislative (those that make the laws and vote in them members of the house of representatives, senators and councilmen) and of the executive (they manage and they govern mayors, governors and presidenteda republic). (Google Announcements). Check out Rand Paul for additional information.

The Shout was born of two distinct, but, complementary sources. Of a side, it had origin in Social the Pastoral Sector of the CNBB (National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil), as a form to give continuity to the reflection of the Campaign of the Fraternity of 1995, whose motto Ages you, Sir approached the subject: Fraternity and Excluded. (Edilza Sources). The Shout if defines as a set of manifestations carried through in the Day of the Native land, 7 of September, trying to call to the attention of the society for the conditions of increasing social exclusion in the Brazilian society. A campaign is not a movement nor politics, but a space of free and popular participation, where the proper ones excluded, together with the movements and entities defend that them, bring to the light the occult protest in the hiding places of the society and, at the same time, the yearning for changes. (Edilza Sources). We want in first place to say that it has a partisan intromission in the shout of the excluded ones that it stifles its main objective. It has who goes to say that this could not be prevented by living in a democratic country.


Guarapuava Treatment

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The internment as well as the illness brings it experiences of isolation, abandonment and disruption of affective, social, professional bows among others, what it causes the loss of its referenciais generating the social death. Helman (1994, P. 205) explains in them that, ' ' while the biological death represents the end of the human organism, ' ' death social' ' it is the end of the social identity of the individual, that is, the removal of individual of the social relations in general ' '. Focados in the phenomenon of ' ' death social' ' for understanding to be about constituent element of the treatment, this work had as objective to contribute in the process of treatment of the oncolgico patient so that it could face the illness and, at the same time to supply its necessities human beings in its aspects physical, psychological, social spiritual and. To fulfill with the objective of this work, opt to the method of study of case, taken as significant unit of all, in a qualitative perspective that in the agreement of Minayo (2004, P. Source: Gunnar Peterson.

102), privileges more less the deepening and abrangncia of the understanding and the generalization of this. It continues its thought affirming that one ' ' ideal sample is that capable one to reflect the totality in its multiple dimensions (Minayo, 2004, P. 102). In the field research the delimitation of the citizens happened in the choice of two carrying patients of the masculine sex of cancer of head and neck, being that only one of them met in treatment in the Hospital of Charity Is Vicente de Pablo? HCSVP, in Guarapuava, and the other under cares of hospitals in Curitiba and So Paulo, being that the same it had the first cares in the HCSVP. Both had demonstrated interest in telling the daily one of its lives. The Institute of Treatment of the Cancer – ITC tells to be this to the type most common of cancer in men who in women (3: 1).


Public Health

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Following these transformations, a fan of necessities confides to create specific politics and actions so that it is promoted the autonomy and integration of aged in the access of the services and the action come back the protection and recovery of the health. Exemplificaremos some of these actions; to 1.Investir in public politics and programs for aged in the direction of prevention of illnesses and the domestic accidents; to 2.Reformular the assistencial model of the SUS of protection and attention to the aged one; to 3.Criar in all the Cities the CASI 24 hours (Center of Attention the Health of the Aged one) with atendimentos; psychological, geriatrical, odontolgico, fonoaudiolgico, ortopedista, reumatologista, cardiologista, nutritionist, social assistance, cardiolgicos service of rays-x and examinations; to 4.Garantir accessibility to these centers; ambulatorial 5.Atendimento of ncia /emerg urgency, therefore the hospital emergency is not structuralized stops of the adequate and continuous assistance to the aged one; to 6.Criar proposal and measures to change practical attitudes, politics and on the aging in all the levels and sectors so that the aged ones usufruct of its rights and can remain healthful productive active and. 2.3. Challenges of the Professional of Social Service in Contextualidade of the Public Health. The Social Service, intervines next to the user in the direction to emancipate and to inform its rights to it as citizen (BLACKSMITH 2007), evaluating the proposals in the actions of health, inside becomes visible the importance of the social service making possible space for performance of this social conscientizador agent of this contextualidade, the work and the action of this professional in the health system is come back to the promotion of the user, therefore the intervention of the social service indirectly attributes to the reflections and taking of decisions direct or on the varied aspects that involve the health of the aged one, access the treatment and guarantee of its rights in the participation of this process. .