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Girls and Beauty Products

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All the girls sooner or later come to understand that they grow up. Once they were absolutely still, that they dressed, their hair arranged like and whether there is color in his cheeks. But there comes a time when they increasingly want to hairdryer, nose powdered, and painted without eyes, and can not go outside. Moms are not always happy about this turn of events. They believe that her little daughter is too early to use cosmetics. In some extent this is correct! Not all products brings only benefits, especially the young flowering girl.

But there is also a good makeup that can work only improve your skin. It often happens that a girl coming out of adolescence and continues to suffer problems such as acne, dryness or excessive oiliness of the skin. Now mom and realize that their 20-year-old "baby" is needed not only kindness and caring, but also help cosmetics. Today there is a universal beauty products to eliminate the teen and the set of "adult" problems – the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli. Products are suitable even for people with sensitive skin. Useful substances cosmetics production plant Hlavin penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and normalize natural processes.

This unique product recognizes the deficiencies and acts only where it is required. Speaking about the problems young people can distinguish the following products from the company DeSheli series Crystal youth pro age for young people 20 to 35 years. It will save you both from the newly formed pimples and inflammation from healed, but if your skin is not enough Nutrition and hydration, cosmetics regulate fluid and electrolyte balance, if your skin is too intense sebum, the funds will face a matte, but if you frequently suffers irritation and peeling, cosmetics and save you from that.


“Golden Silk” More Effective !

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"Golden silk" – a program of adequate nutrition for hair. It has long been appreciated regular users of the brand. For old and new friends at the "Golden Silk" is joyous news went on sale new – Shampoo "Golden Silk" in the new format with 400 ml of an improved formula. 30% gentler cleansing, more soft! New packaging saves 30% of the funds. The secret of improvements – a soft base + complex "Shelkosil – design lab "Folk Art". The formula "Shelkosil + soft foundation gives the hair softness unprecedented, strength and luster of silk thread, reconstructs the structure of hair, protects from any damage. Efficiency provide three main components: a silk protein, milk protein, keratin peptides. Four steps in hair care – all that is needed for maximum effect: hair growth 1.Aktivizatsiya oil-activator of hair growth will prepare the scalp to perception of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, masks.

It activates the system of hair growth, restores their structure, awakens to an active life even the "dormant" origins. 2.Ochischenie type of shampoo should match the type of your hair and be picked up in accordance with the problem to be solved. Such problems of hair, as hair loss, lack of volume, color saturation, brightness now successfully solved with the range shampoos "Golden Silk" 400 ml with an improved formula. 3.Zaschita balm gives your hair a satin soft. Exclusive formula envelops each hair "silk cocoon" to protect from any damage.

You can 4.Pitanie give your hair an intensive rehabilitation with the help of masks. They breathe life-giving force in the hair health and beauty. Now you can restore even badly damaged hair. Developer brands physician dermokosmetolog Natalia Pavlova, recommends a program of individual hair care "Golden Silk" for anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy and beautiful.