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International Community

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Images of street protests in Barcelona received the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, when it lands in Spain on the way to a Middle East tour. Fernandez (Santo Domingo, 1953) has held meetings with entrepreneurs and has signed an agreement between the foundation of international studies who chairs, Global Foundation for democracy and development (Funglode), and Grupo PRISA (EL PAIS editor). On the reasons that are leading to put everything in question on countries stable and solvent until recently, believes that Governments are not guilty of the situation and that the protests are wrong its objective. In Spain, when he protests by the social effect of the crisis is having, it is understood. But responsible for are not those who believe. Officials have been an invisible force, a deregulated global financial economy where there has been many complicities, and nobody has faced them. Source of the news:: “the international community has not been at height with Haiti”.


First Transplant

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The patient, a young man who suffered the amputation of both legs above the knee because of an accident, is clinically very well. Patient who underwent a bilateral transplant of legs, a young man aged 20 to 30, in the early hours of Monday is clinically very well and may be walking in a period of six or seven months, as he has ensured this Tuesday the surgeon Pedro dug. The patient is awake from yesterday afternoon and happy like God, he started to cry when she saw the legs, has assured in press conference Cavadas, who explained that the intervention was started on Sunday night and lasted about ten hours of surgical work. The young man who has been the double transplant suffered, as a result of an accident, traumatic amputation of both legs above the knee: right above the femur and in the the left, in the discal third of the femur.

Relegated to a wheelchair according to dug I was relegated to a wheelchair and his chances of walking were zero because I could not adapt prosthesis for anatomical and technical reasons, and went a couple of years to your query asking for a leg transplant. Then consider the possibility of doing so and after asking the requests, the national organization of transplantation (ONT) considered it favourably, explained Cavadas, who added that it has cost a year find a suitable donor. The surgeon pointed out that although the patient is clinically very well has been involved only two days ago and many things can happen. He is not expected to pass, but this isn’t a camping trip, this is real medicine and in addition to first Division, Cavadas said. Patient is delighted to life and to leave the ICU soon, has been added..


Maltese Interior Minister

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The rescue was carried out by the Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon, who saved a hundred of immigrants travelling to drift. Malta does not understand why the boat headed towards their country if the rescue occurred 78 miles from Tunisia, 88 of the Italian island of Lampedusa and Malta 141. He believes that NATO has the responsibility on this matter. Official site: Cindy Crawford. The authorities in Malta have demanded explanations to NATO about rescue conducted last Sunday by the Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon a hundred of immigrants travelling in a boat adrift about 100 miles off the coast of Libya. The Minister of the Interior and justice of Malta, Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, said at press conference in Valletta which the Admiral Juan de Borbon is currently in international waters after receiving the refusal by the Maltese authorities to dock at its port, waiting to receive explanations of NATO. Mifsud Bonnici does not understand why after helping the boat the Spanish frigate, which participates in the arms embargo on Libya under NATO command, headed towards Malta if the rescue occurred 78 miles from Tunisia, 88 of the Italian island of Lampedusa and Malta 141. The problem is not ours, but is surely a problem for NATO and it corresponds to them to solve it, said the Maltese Interior Minister, in statements which collects the Times of Malta newspaper. The Maltese authorities claim that they were advertised in that the Spanish frigate was heading for its port 18 hours after the rescue and when the Admiral Juan de Borbon was only 40 miles from the island. Act followed, according to Mifsud Bonnici, asked NATO if they had issued a request to accommodate the frigate with immigrants also Tunisia and Italy, authorities about that, said the Minister of the Interior of Malta, have not yet received response..