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Qigong, Health & Medicine

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We use your brain at 3-4 per cent. Can I use Qigong dramatically develop your skills and learn to live with 100 percent "efficiency"? Who are the Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Lomonosov? Who are the Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu? Where did an ordinary woman caught in a plane crash, during stress there strength, and she can bend metal? Who are the saints healers who treat patients or even just a touch – in a word? Is it possible to live a long time, not knowing the disease? Is there immortality? What is the exemption from attachment of Mind? What is the hidden nature of our sverhvozmozhnostey and whether the methods of their development? How to develop creativity, to reach an understanding with others, learn be happy and calm even in the midst of everyday storm to calmly be able to find salvation for all the solution … *** We do not just fill our personal computers with information, but as far as possible try to improve the performance of his work by buying a more perfect "iron", ie improving its hardware platform. You should also apply to your brain. Wrong just to fill a knowledge, if it is possible improve the quality of our global consciousness, which has unlimited possibilities. The same applies to our health. From each of the smallest cell of our being invisible thread stretched to their "special" sector of the brain. The brain in this sense, the matrix resembles a digital camera: the more pixels, absorb information around the world, the better and more accurate camera work, the better and more honest, it displays (Understand) the world.


Health Budapest

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Despite the fact that he brought with him all the family, he paid only a third of what he would pay at home, even including tickets for flights to Hungary. A since the job done even faster than originally planned, he was able to go with the whole family on a trip to Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. It is not surprising that immigrants are returned to their own country in order to get quality dental or medical care or to see family. But this kind of tourism is becoming a real salvation for those who have no health insurance in their new country of residence. Almost Half a million Americans have been forced to seek medical care abroad, with 40% of their number were dental tourists, according to the National Coalition of Health, which includes an alliance of 70 organizations.

In 2004, the number of tourists was 150.000. Dental-Offer agency offers trips to the three centers – Budapest, Moshonmadyarovar in Bratislava. Trip organized by the German partner, and can capture even a home animals. (Similarly see: Tiffany Espensen). The Agency will select the hotel will book a plane ticket, arrange a meeting at the airport, and arrange baby-sitters and make the individual tourist program. For dental work are given guarantees, and Agency undertakes to provide the necessary documentation for reimbursement by insurance companies in the host country. Budapest dental clinic is headed by a German dentist with more than 35 years experience work in the field of quality dental treatment. Particular emphasis is placed on the formulation of implants – the state has one of the best surgeons in Europe for oral and maxillofacial surgery. "Already in 1990 the clinic specializes for complex operations to implant the implants and reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry.

Many professionals speak English and German languages and regularly undergo refresher courses. Happy client. The clinic is very conveniently located in the Buda side of town, close to Mount Gellert, it can easily reach any part of the city. There is another agency Vital Europe in London, which organizes dental treatment in Budapest, at prices lower by 70% than in the UK. For example, the implant without the crown, which costs 1,800 pounds in London, will cost about 480 pounds in Budapest. In the words of a satisfied customer agency Andrew S. from Stamford, an opportunity to smile from ear to ear and laugh totally changed my attitude! ". Unfortunately, dentistry for themselves Hungarians is still quite expensive.


Nutrilite Vitamins

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Daily amount of calcium is about 1000 mg, we are in the best case we get from food 400 mg. Doctors believe that the systematic supply the body with calcium improves bone status of 2-3. Calcium is especially important for young and old. Up to 20-year life of the human skeleton dials up to 90% of bone mass, and in this period is especially important to supply the body calcium. Source: Rand Paul. It is important that calcium is ingested together with magnesium (2:1 ratio).

Imbalance in favor of calcium leads to a rapid washout of magnesium from the body. The proper balance helps keep calcium in the soluble form, which greatly helps the kidneys. B-complex – in this preparation is extensive group of vitamins, and each of kotoryhrabotaet in their particular area. Vitamin B – Bread for the nervous system. It is recommended take vitamin B complex.

Surplus of one of the vitamins in this group entails a sharp decrease in the body of others. Drugs firm Nutrilite contain all the necessary vitamins in the amounts and proportions recommended by nutritionists. However, our bodies are essential and other vitamins. Multikarotin – the source of the various carotenoids. The most famous yavlyaetsyabetakarotin (pro-vitamin A), which is converted in the body human vitamin A only when it the need arises. Vitamin A is essential for normal growth and functioning of the organs of hearing, sight, smell and taste. It is necessary for the development of healthy tissue, bone, tooth enamel, Skin, hair. If sufficient quantities for the body acts as an antioxidant.


Chinese Food

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It is necessary to allocate the beginning of the pancreas corresponding to gastric juice – the acid or alkaline. After all, for different kinds of food required a different composition. Food of animal origin is digested by acid gastric juice, and vegetable food needs to digest alkaline juice. This is followed by a swallowing motion, after which begins the automatic reduction esophagus to move food into the stomach. We do not adjust your mind, but that does not mean that the process of moving has no control over our brains. After receipt of food in the stomach, begins its digestion, which lasts about and a half hours. During this time the stomach mixes the food thoroughly mass abundantly wet their digestive juices and absorbs the primary nutrients required for the functionality of the whole organism. For all these processes are also closely monitoring the brain and maintains an active dialogue, monitoring and directing all of the stomach.

After graduating from primary digestion stomach is passed to command the movement of food in the masses duodenum. It seems to be working over the stomach, but no! Necessary to clean and wash the walls of the stomach, remove the build-up to the villi stomach foods to avoid clogging and blockage in the future, quality absorption of nutrients. Now imagine that the tight neck muscles squeezed nerves and failed to pass a command to, say, cleaning the walls of the stomach. Well, the man ate a mouth rinse and brushed my teeth, which helped him to avoid tooth decay. And if you do not brush your stomach will start the same problems as with the unpeeled mouth and even worse. Build-food mass will not allow the stomach, in the next meal, put the nutritional matter what part of the body, leading to a lack of supply of any of the organs. In turn, the body does not fully comply with the necessary work that will lead to failures in health. As a rule, official and Traditional medicine considers that the treatment of indigestion need medical treatment, therefore, the intake of foreign chemical elements, the extra load on the liver and kidneys, etc. And do not easier to conduct normal course of the Chinese point or vacuum massage your neck?



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Badami name-calling a lot of really useful potions, to rubbish. How do they differ from drugs? Under current law – dietary supplements are not subject to mandatory clinical trials as medications. Produced only gets them a certificate of quality Rosstrandarta. This certificate is not in any way does not confirm beneficial properties of dietary supplements, only the security, as well as food. Not for nothing have the BUDS another name for 'dietary supplements'. Turnover and quality of dietary supplements are not as strictly controlled as a medicine.

And that is why dietary supplements can be sold not only in pharmacies, but also with trays of different shops of life, health shops. Engaged in their sale Anyone can – whether it's a mechanic or a marketer by training. So, initially regarded as dietary supplements or medication to an alternative, not knowing the results of clinical studies, no experience of large-scale applications is stupid and WRONG. Often, manufacturers and sellers of dietary supplements used by ignorance of the townsfolk and cram them for good money to customers, giving product ineffective or has not so high as promising therapeutic effect of advertising. Anti-Monopoly Service has repeatedly A decision on the fraud against consumers. The list obmanok hit and overseas Herbalife, and the domestic red root, whose producers have promised victory on many issues, including impotence and prostatitis.

The real effect is not consistent with promises. And yet, without nutritional supplements to modern man is almost not enough. Firstly, our products often do not have really nutrients because it is mostly or semi-finished or they are produced industrially using all sorts of chemicals and can hardly be called healthy eating.


Calcium Alone

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Who does not dream of stable bone even in old age. But the stability and flexibility of the bone structure can be measured by advanced age. Osteoporosis, a pathological excessive reduction of bone mass, can lead to an increased susceptibility to fractures. Osteoporosis, also known as bone loss can be caused by hormonal changes, poor diets, alcohol addiction, but also by excessive consumption of cola drinks and nicotine. Up to 30% of all women after the menopause suffer from a hormone-induced decrease in bone strength and thus at increased risk for a fracture. In men, accumulations of the disease from the 70th Year of life. The frequently occurring fractures heal, but just as quickly, as in young people. In addition to regular exercise, such as specific strength training is to help strengthen the bones especially critical of a balanced and vitamin-rich diet.

Especially calcium rich dairy products like cheese and yogurt, but alsoVitamin K-containing vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, to provide for strengthening the bones helpful nutrients and vitamins. In addition to fruit juices is also a prudent or vegetable juice of the aloe vera to improve the nutrient supply. calcium for bone stability is of crucial importance. But without an adequate supply of the body with vitamin D and K is the building block of bone can not be incorporated into the bone structure. A sufficient exposure to sunlight is important. Because the sunlight promotes Vitamin D production in the skin. Most of these bone strengthening agents are not sufficient enough in the food. Therefore, people should take with bone problems to strengthen bones also on nutritional supplement. The flexibility and stability of the bone can be obtained with this additional supply of nutrients to old age-ing.


Cancer – It’s Not A Sentence !

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Lectures doctor – oncologist, PhD Amirozyana SA on "Production of" Our Brand "to prevent and restore the health of cancer patients' cancer – one of the worst diagnoses for any man. Oncological diseases are the third leading cause of death. However, cancer can be beaten, as evidenced by numerous cases of healing from this disease. And here it is also important to understand what cancer is. Cancer called malignant tumors that have certain characteristics: the ability to irregular rapid growth, ability to metastasize (spread independently through the lymph and blood pathways); locally infiltrating destructive process. Stage of cancer. 1.

At the initial stage, damage or change the genetic code, or cell structure. This damage makes the cell vulnerable to other cancer-causing factors. 2. In the next stage (hidden) interact with the modified cells are carcinogenic factors. Most cancers are characterized by a latent period of 10 to 40 years. 3. The progressive stage begin uncontrolled growth of cells and tumors that destroy healthy tissue.

4. Stage metastasis – the most dangerous stage, because the tumor may occur in any vital organs. Each day, each person has a 10 000 cancer cells – mutants and killer cells of our immune system eliminates them. But when stress, poor diet and lifestyle, excessive sunbathing and the lack of vitamins immune system may miss a cancer cell, and the process has begun … It is very important cancer prevention. First of all, it is proper nutrition. Every day on the table must be raw plant foods – vegetables, fruits, herbs and dietary fiber, contributing to the development of normal intestinal microflora, which produces a substance involved in cancer protection. Need to get enough selenium, zinc, vitamins A, E, C, B6, B3. These substances are antioxidants, they inhibit the flow of all processes that encourage the emergence of a malignant tumor. At the same time antioxidants destroy cancer cells wherever they are. In the case of cancer, an increase of antioxidants in the diet is necessary. This not only helps the body fight disease and reduce the harmful effects of cancer treatment – radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Selenium – a powerful antioxidant, it helps to mitigate the effects of both cancer cells and destruction of already existing tumor. Beta-carotene is an effective antioxidant that inhibits the processes of transformation of cells into cancer cells. Scientists believe that beta-carotene activates antitumor immunity, generation of active killer cells that can recognize and kill cancer cells. Amaranth oil has a unique composition of biologically active substances. Contained therein, tocopherols, sterols, squalene, oleic acid normalizes lipid metabolism and hormonal balance normalizes the immune system, affects tissue respiration, have antioxidant activity – all prevents the formation of cancer cells. – Beware of quacks! 70 to 90% of medicines for the prevention of cancer fake! For treatment as well. Expensive does not mean useful! Cheap is not profitable to forge. – In civilized countries after investigating the different races are treated differently. In America, for treatment of American blacks, for Latino and Caucasian completely different. – We are not Chinese to be treated by Chinese herbs and mushrooms. We are totally different, we have a different climate, different genotype. Treats that are with us. The fact that for centuries was closely with our energy, that has fueled and fed our ancestors and what they gave up their strength, their energy and their lives. Prevention program may include. Read more …


Mysteries Of Nature And Knowledge Transfer On Healing

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There is no unified leadership and a common technique in the healing arts, a lot of them. Dignity and worth of all of them is that they are unique in themselves, as well as their owners. Over the years I had many years of practice faced with many similar situations, because there is nothing extraordinary or unique in the field of human relations with nature. But each of us – it is unique jewel of nature, and unique is its framing of our Creator. There are still many mysteries of nature in the field of paranormal researchers will unravel. Numerous theories to be accepted as de Fakto because they are not amenable to any scientific explanations and hypotheses to explain the metaphysical phenomena grow at the appearance of mushrooms after rain. Quite possibly, if scientists were not so glued to the discoveries of the last centuries, and would open their eyes to the knowledge of thousands of years, people in different parts of our small planet, a lot was opened to them. For example, did not have to expend energy, knowledge and time to reconstruction of the upper, fertile soil layer subjected to corrosion due to human neglect the wisdom of our ancestors.

And what about the many diseases that are treated in each house vintage tested people's means. Our grandmothers were treated with their children raspberries, and our parents – antibiotics with implications … In many cultures there are specific barriers to access random people in the ranks of the guardians of centuries-old wisdom, including healers, doctors, healers and shamans. In most cases, knowledge is passed on by inheritance or election students. This makes sense. It is hard to imagine that information to build an atomic bomb would be a public record. What then to speak about the types of energy that do not know the obstacles and distances, cultural and religious differences, racial and ethnic differences. Rachel Madorsky



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Told in the Gospel: gluttony – a sin. And why – not explained. They say, eat fruit. And why – who knows. As my friend, what's the difference: I had better eat the meat. Or expressions: "What is it for, healthy life? To Zdorovenki die? "Remember the parable of the rejuvenating apples? Such is the peculiarity of man: not logically supported with information held by his consciousness.

Bravado ends with the first symptoms. Women are discovering that they have had many rivals. Person "floated" along with the remnants of the figure. Men find themselves in "the mirror's disease." All significantly improved knowledge of anatomy, as authorities vied with each other hurry to report their location. Life playfully starts to lose color, that the next 40 years a man should spend in the fight against cellulite, prostatitis, and other-iyami.

The thought occurs that die Zdorovenki would not be so bad … I think if you're reading this, you can fall into the category of people who consciously refers to their health. In this case, I have good news for you: turn your clock, you can change it! You are in able to slow it down. We will talk about natural food, not about diets. Speaking further, we mean the skin and tissue inside the body. Restoring first affects the appearance of the second – on the general health. The human body is constantly flowing biochemical processes. They are active particles that come into the oxidation reaction, and, accordingly, the aging body as a whole. Visually, this manifests itself in atrophy of the skin, the appearance of holes, the formation of cellulite. The reason for these changes in the skin – the destruction of Kolleganovyh fibers. They begin to deteriorate as soon as we celebrate 20 years. And much of this destruction is not associated with age. We are able to prevent the development of this process in the future. What do I do? First, take control: Fatty foods. Overeating. Rapid weight loss. Polluted environment. Pollution internal environment caused by drugs, where the presence of stress, constipation. Second, increase the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals before they time to destroy the living cell. A certain amount of antioxidants the body makes its own. For their synthesis we need in the consumption of zinc, copper and manganese. The most effective of them – vitamin A, selenium. Therefore recommended that you include in your diet products. Vitamin A – carrots, spinach, greens, papaya, apricots. Vitamin C – potatoes, cabbage, sweet peppers. Citrus should be used together with the white pulp. Vitamin E – sprouted grains, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil. Selenium – asparagus, onion, garlic, tomatoes and milk. Zinc, copper, manganese – corn, sunflower seeds, nuts and legumes. And now – on the rejuvenating apples! This is a pineapple, papaya, mango and kiwi. They are significant number of enzymes that contain a unique synthesis contribute Kolleganovyh fibers. We have touched upon only one aspect of nutrition. On the meat will discuss in future articles. Good luck!


Surgery – Gallbladder Disease And Biliary Tract. Treatments

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Surgery of gallstones is developing quite successfully in recent years. In the first half of the 20th century in Germany began to study the operational methods of treatment. These actions led to the rationale and basic principles of treatment and diagnosis of this section is not a simple surgery. Taking into account the genesis and localization process of stone formation, the aim of surgery in our time in gallstone disease is not limited to removal of the gallbladder. Concluding operation, a surgeon must be quite sure that the common bile duct free pass, that there is no other pathologic entities, no large concretions, or fine particulate matter in the form of grains or scarring of the restrictions. K Tragically, the study of history and clinical disease does not always give the right to say definitively about finding stones in the gallbladder, and certainly can not be said of the common bile duct patency. Thus, sometimes even the existence of a large stone in common bile duct does not appear, neither in the examination of the patient, no history and no symptoms are jaundice, and during the operation suddenly finds calculus. Feeling the common bile duct, is a skilled surgeon finds no reason for surgery and spends holetsistekomiyu, and later a stone not found in the major duodenal papilla, manifested severe attacks. Even more surprise, there are times when a surgeon, cutting the flow, probing it, sees that the probe passes smoothly into the duodenum, and subsequently there is jaundice and during surgical re- interference occurs forgotten gem. In surgery, as well as general medicine, not fully resolved issues, on new stages of development and improvement of knowledge of new equipment, and new drugs, new research methods allow a new perspective to evaluate and review what was already well known. In the surgery of cholelithiasis our predecessors have achieved a lot, but our generation and future followers to do more more.