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Eliminating The Employer Share Of The Statutory Health Insurance

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Policyholders pay the price of drugs are getting better, people getting older. What is positive for the individual, causing at the same time increasing spending on the health system. Without hesitation Fitness explained all about the problem. The private insurance Portal reports on possible solutions of the Federal Government, to overcome the financing bottleneck. Long time legally insured’s contribution to the health insurance was shared equally with the employer. This was round 14 per cent of the gross salary. Workers and companies had to carry seven percent each. Vitamin World can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Due to rising costs and Holey households, the Government introduced in 2005 a special contribution of 0.9 percent. This Fund alone since the workers. Now, Angela Merkel announced to freeze entirely the employer’s contribution. Tax subsidies, which are in turn by the insured, should cushion the loss of employer share. As they did, reducing non-wage costs, as well as the creation of jobs today are the objective of the reform.

Should the Parliament agree to this project increasing the attractiveness of private health insurance. Compared to the statutory health insurance the mentioned regulations are unfounded here namely. In the case of an employment relationship, the employer takes over 50 percent of the monthly premium so far. The maximum amount for participation currently stands at 257,25 euros. Another advantage comes with contribution repayment to fruition. They are paid only to the policyholder, not to the employer.


Private Health Insurance

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What has changed for the policyholder as privately? Who plans to move to a private health insurance (PKV), must understand before some things are changing with regard to his health insurance. This decision should therefore not hastily and indiscriminately like. The main reason for the change in the PKV preferred treatment in surgeries for some. It’s no secret that doctors at private patients deserve better, and so also this preferential treatment is not surprising. After the change of the legal health insurance private health insurance you must prepare subsequent reimbursement first to have to pay the cost of outpatient treatments. This will be refunded later, of course, after it has submitted the Bills to the insurance company.

No family insurance who goes as a parent in the car need worry too, to the child, because children are not free with guarantees. The child must not only then “be insurance if the partner is still legally insured in the and yourself as the main earner” earned less than the year working pay limit. It now stands at 50.850 euros a year (as of 2012). Lower contributions who goes as a young, healthy person in private health insurance, pay lower contributions. The reason is that the age, the occupation and the history are used for the calculation. Now enormous sums of money to have to pay the risk in the age is largely unfounded, since the insurers will make retirement provisions.

Comprehensive services as a member of the PKV enjoy comprehensive services, such as psychotherapeutic, or dental treatment. Of course such things in the car must be agreed before changes in the insurance contract. Refund within a year his insurer costs no money who submit say no invoices or recipes, receives a part of its contributions refunded. Occasionally, even health insurance companies already offer this, so that a change in the car which is not absolutely necessary. Deductible for legally insured nothing new, to be paid when agreement of a deductible part even the costs of his treatment. In contrast to the statutory health insurance contributions be for less. Change within the private health insurance for the choice of the correct provider should you take time because who later want to switch in a different car, this can not just as between the sickness funds. Here it is important to note the periods of notice laid down in the contract and the minimum contractual period. Return in the statutory health insurance who once is private health insurance where, not so easy can return. Switching from PKV to statutory health insurance is subject to many conditions and is intended to prevent mainly exploiting the advantages of both systems, and bypass the disadvantages. More details can be found in a direct confrontation.