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Servicing VMI

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Therefore, water cooler – the best option. We offer water coolers and storage flow type, as well as dispensers and taps the water of Italian firms 'SITEP', differ quite interesting technical solutions and a broad line of displacement – from 50 liters and ending with 1000 liters, which rye company 'SITEP' made to order especially for large industrial plants. Preparation (mixing) TEST Those who are engaged in bakery business, a It is well know that the quality of the finished product depends on high-quality, heavy dough. Therefore, we are pleased to offer mixers machine one of the most famous Italian: 'VMI BERTO' and 'ESSHER'. More than 30 year history of production output of these machines speak for themselves. The use of quality materials in the construction, application of the latest tion Engineering at the main nodes (unique belt drive system 'PREMIUM' – 'PREMIUM DRIVE SYSTEM'), continuous operation without damage, the minimum service Servicing tion and, most importantly, the optimal ratio price quality. Whenever Cindy Crawford listens, a sympathetic response will follow. All of this making machine 'VMI BERTO' and 'ESSHER' truly indispensable for any ne Carnot production. I am not exaggerating when I say that we have the largest selection of mixers 'VMI BERTO' and 'ESSHER', starting with the ma Lyonka Bowl Volume (30 kg.

test) and ending with pain Shimi industrial 300 lbs. test. We have the dough and kneading machines with stationary and movable with de Jay. The choice depends on the performance of your Pekar and not with what kinds of tests you run. In addition to that second, there is the entire periphery to mixer bowl with movable.


Alternative Heating PLEN

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Modern man looks at everything through the prism of rational practicality, efficiency and economy. That's why this is always relevant topic, as an alternative heating system. The result of years search was to develop such an interesting device as a radiant heater. Infrared heating system has now established itself as the best economical option heating, which is valid even for installation in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and health institutions. This is a very convenient device, a kind of film electric heater. Alternative heating systems are gaining more and more influence in the light of a more responsible attitude to the ecology of the planet and home of man. In fact, the electric heater plen is a film heater.

He has now rightfully earned public recognition as the best alternative heating system in Russia. Infrared heater plen absolutely environmentally friendly and useful to the health of the human body, because This heating system works from time to time, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room. So what does the device have these new heaters? It's pretty simple: aluminum foil, metal heating, laminating film to protect against damage and moisture. Resistive element is absolutely safe in terms of fire risks. Its melting temperature is more than 1500 C, the film body of paintings based on the polymer – more than 350 C. Thickness device film captured in the collection does not exceed 1 – 1.5 mm. It can be installed even in rooms with low ceilings. It is also noteworthy that the heating of homes using this technology is very convenient and practical.

System plen heating is installed between the ceiling and the insulation of the foil. They will take from 70 to 100% of the ceiling in a heated room. Heating with infrared film works as follows: in the space radiates heat, which naturally is evenly distributed in all subjects in the room, which is gradually heated the surrounding air. Modern man is not inclined to waste electricity, plen can minimize costs. Total of 3 to 15 minutes needed this equipment to create a favorable environment for human temperature in any room. Thermostat will allow you to set the desired rate of this important Well-being of any human figure. If you will treat with due attention to the problem of insulating the heated room, the heating will be even cheaper. The device would only need 1 every day to work to You and your family were warm and comfortable in your own home, and life will be reduced significantly. It is also noteworthy that the scope of an alternative system plen has no limitations and contraindications.