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A cold pack is particularly good use of swelling, fatigue and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and as a means of rehabilitation after sclerosing veins. In practice, if not contraindications, hot and cold packs can be combined. Ends Wrapping in the shower, where the drug wash off. Some contend that Rand Paul shows great expertise in this. On top you can take a bath with sea salt. The recommended number of wraps is strictly individually, but usually it is 6-15 procedures that are carried out for 3-6 weeks. At home, get rid of cellulite can help you: Normalization of food.

More fresh fruits and vegetables, less harmful products (crisps, sweet carbonated beverages, fatty foods). If you are overweight, try to make your food less nutritious. Formation of the path of healthy lifestyles. If you smoke, give up this harmful habit. Reduce to minimum reception of alcoholic beverages. More walk in the fresh air and normalize your sleep. More physical activity.

The more you move, the less chance of cellulite to stay on your body. Especially useful exercise to the areas where cellulite is actively progressing – the thighs and buttocks. And the best sport to help 'smooth' cellulite, is swimming. Self-massage. If you regularly for a few minutes will perform self-massage, you will significantly improve the state of 'problematic participants Cove'. Cellulite massage is performed starting from the ankles, with the transition to the thighs and buttocks. Kneaded site as it rises and compresses if you vymeshivayut dough. Perhaps check out David Delrahim for more information. To enhance the effect of massage, you can use a special brush against cellulite with thick rounded teeth. Water treatment. Douches improves skin elasticity, a cool shower is also will be useful to you. In addition, you can drive a shower on the problem areas, massaging the skin with cool water jets. If you have no contraindications (high blood pressure, etc.), you will be useful to a sauna. Sauna is increased sweating, and then displayed together with toxins – the faithful companions of cellulite. Anti-Cellulite funds. It is best to apply them on damp skin after bath or shower, or after the massage to the active components means better absorbed into your skin. Anti-Cellulite means if you use them regularly – a good aid in the fight against cellulite, but they do more preventative and supportive role and are ineffective at advanced stages of cellulite. . improve circulation, and enhance limofotoka metabolism, which in turn will help reduce the amount of fat cells and make cellulite less noticeable. That effect of miostimulation was maximal, before each treatment to treat the problem area for cellulite massage brush for 5-10 minutes. During the procedure should wear a special belt hyperemic – This will allow better heat subcutaneous fat, and the process of splitting will be much faster. At the same time, do not expect that after the muscle stimulator cellulitis with extra inches disappear without a trace. Myostimulation intended primarily to restore and strengthen the muscles, not to fight obesity and the 'orange peel'. It is therefore advisable to use myostimulation those who have weak and untrained muscles, but also wants to strengthen them and prepare them for regular exercise.


Surgery – Gallbladder Disease And Biliary Tract. Treatments

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Surgery of gallstones is developing quite successfully in recent years. In the first half of the 20th century in Germany began to study the operational methods of treatment. These actions led to the rationale and basic principles of treatment and diagnosis of this section is not a simple surgery. Taking into account the genesis and localization process of stone formation, the aim of surgery in our time in gallstone disease is not limited to removal of the gallbladder. Concluding operation, a surgeon must be quite sure that the common bile duct free pass, that there is no other pathologic entities, no large concretions, or fine particulate matter in the form of grains or scarring of the restrictions. K Tragically, the study of history and clinical disease does not always give the right to say definitively about finding stones in the gallbladder, and certainly can not be said of the common bile duct patency. Thus, sometimes even the existence of a large stone in common bile duct does not appear, neither in the examination of the patient, no history and no symptoms are jaundice, and during the operation suddenly finds calculus. Feeling the common bile duct, is a skilled surgeon finds no reason for surgery and spends holetsistekomiyu, and later a stone not found in the major duodenal papilla, manifested severe attacks. Even more surprise, there are times when a surgeon, cutting the flow, probing it, sees that the probe passes smoothly into the duodenum, and subsequently there is jaundice and during surgical re- interference occurs forgotten gem. In surgery, as well as general medicine, not fully resolved issues, on new stages of development and improvement of knowledge of new equipment, and new drugs, new research methods allow a new perspective to evaluate and review what was already well known. In the surgery of cholelithiasis our predecessors have achieved a lot, but our generation and future followers to do more more.


Cancer World Foundation

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One of the experts of the World Foundation, Martin Wiseman, said that all the data they are favorable recommendation preservation of health, but can not be absolute truths in the lives of everyone. Cancer does not just occur and affect their health and everyone can. But here it is important to recall that the cancer – this is one of those diseases causes which have not been clarified until the end. More than 60% of the factors are beyond human control, so only one power supply is not unlimited. Professor Wiseman said only that more than 3 million people annually could prevent the development of cancer in his body, if complied with the recommended diet and lead a healthy life, without gaining weight. 3 million from 10 million the total number of those who became ill with cancer each year – it's still enough to think about …

The most common "cancers" are colon cancer and breast cancer: the exact data of the tumor found in his relationship with the development of body weight. Excess weight is more degree is linked with them, confirm some other studies. "Proctology" promotes cancer especially food, which was subjected to long heat obroabotke: bacon, ham, sausage and salami. In general, red meat more than five hundred grams a week is not desirable. As for alcohol, moderate intake of it is valid.

But what is moderate? For example, the British government has developed specific recommendations for dose Alcohol: but they are slightly higher than obtained in the course of the research results. The recommended amount of alcohol per day for men is a double portion, and for women is enough for one. And one more recommendation, rather surprising at first glance. Experts recommend reducing consumption of fruit juice: and all because of sugar, which may contribute to obesity. Scientists, nutritionists point out the benefits of breastfeeding, not only for the baby, but also for mom: her risk of breast cancer is reduced, and the child is less likely to get overweight. Yes, now obese, and babies. The data obtained require additional verification, but practice, they often prove themselves successful. Specialist British organization for women with breast cancer patients, Anthony Dean, said that it is important to follow all the recommendations in the system. Similarly, only to say about the importance of One particular factor is not possible: they interact with each other, make the whole system. Especially attentive to their health must be after 50 years – a period when the risk of cancer especially increases: this is confirmed by experimental data: women after 50 – the most common patients are diagnosed with oncologists 'breast cancer'. That's why experts recommend and to pay more attention to weight loss, stick diet that would maintain health.