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Nutrition Tips

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1. Diet: Without adequate nutrition, your collagen layer thins and a kind of wear takes place. Over time, the skin may wrinkle like a plant without water from lack of food. To keep your skin shiny reaffirming A. Eat fresh, whole organic foods that are prepared. Avoid packaged, canned, frozen, prepared foods and leftovers. These foods have little nutritional value and are also often poorly digested which creates impurities that are found in the skin.

The resulting accumulation of toxins causes irritation and blocks circulation depriving the skin of the feeding patterns and natural cleansing processes. B. Skin for nutrients. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins, minerals (especially iron and calcium) and are rich in antioxidant properties. That nourish and protect skin from premature aging.

Sweet juicy fruits like grapes, melons, pears, plums and stewed apples at breakfast are excellent for the skin in almost everyone. Eating a wide variety of grains at different meals and try mixed grain servings at breakfast and lunch. Add cous cous amaranth, quinoa, barley, millet and wheat and rice to eat. Please light, easy to digest proteins like legume soups (especially yellow split mung dhal), whole milk, paneer (cheese made from boiling milk, add the lemon and the effort of solids) and lassi (diluted yogurt drink spices). The oils ghee (clarified butter) and organic extra virgin olive oil should be included in the diet because it lubricates, nurture and create glow in the skin. Use spices like cumin, turmeric, coriander, and black pepper to improve digestion, nourish the skin and cleanse it of impurities.


Ayurveda Garden

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In it comes this one, to determine the Constitution of type of which relates to physical condition, digestive and heart. On the other hand is but also of importance, under which external influences is the guest. Is he professionally strong clamped? How is his family situation? The entirety of this personal information and the resulting inference on the following applications is the actual spirit of Ayurveda. Each guest will be judged individually, is so to speak a profile and thus an individual treatment plan, a herbs tailored to him and oil mixture for massages, head wraps and forehead oil jets. But in Ayurveda, the body is maintained not only from outside but from the inside. The art of healing deals intensively with nutrition, but expresses no universal rules. What is good for one, may be more detrimental to the other. Therefore there is also recommendations by the professionals, especially for the time after the treatment.

What most do not know: A genuine Ayurvedic treatment brings incredible fatigue with it in addition to pleasant relaxation. Gudrun Samuel speaks from experience. The bath Rappenauer countryside is beautiful. Some guests arrive by bicycle and hiking poles, to explore the area in the afternoon. Usually these utensils not come but to use, because an unimaginable peace need arises”, tells the head of the Ayurveda-garden. To fill the deliberately large periods between treatments with sporting activities is only advisable if you feel enough energy, and only after consultation with the doctor.” Morning is a unit of Yoga for all offered, and who prefer to fresh air, can go for a walk in the large garden or stroll through the graduation and the Sage maze in the adjoining spa park.

The nature starts virtually at the doorstep, beyond the garden, a place to breathe are field, forest and meadows. This unique location it is very proud. Is important to us that our guests here free feel,”says Dr. Shine Koorkaparambil. And it’s easy. Because the Ayurvedic garden just is not a wellness temple with a full agenda. But a place where the body will be helped to help themselves. The following things are needed: a more alert mind, a certain feeling for the needs of your own body and a couple of days time to try the ancient knowledge not only in itself, but also something to take. And yet: an Ayurvedic doctor who makes no compromises.


New Findings On The Perception Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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How is it really with the public interest in plastic surgery? The cosmetic plastic Internet portal carried an exclusive study on the perception of aesthetic plastic surgery in the fall of 2009 in cooperation with the portal. In this study, 852 Germans were interviewed, answered questions about satisfaction, motivations and interests in the context of aesthetic plastic surgery. The portal thus the study participants unique results obtained, inform us to look at the aesthetic plastic surgery. In the survey, you have answered interested questions her motives for aesthetic plastic surgery, or to their satisfaction with an already performed surgery on aesthetic plastic surgery or have set a preference of the individual interventions. The interventions usually under consideration are therefore breast augmentation, 57% of all women interested, and Breast lift (23% of women).

A subject of the investigation was the attitude to health tourism. The survey showed that 44% of German women under any circumstances would undergo a surgery abroad. Reason for this is the fear of possible risks, such as a possible recovery and subsequent care. Dr. Paul Edelmann Frankfurt hospital for plastic surgery would have expected more fears of German women to undergo, aesthetic plastic surgery outside of Germany: “it’s amazing that apparently 56% of respondents opt for surgery abroad foreign language. Ultimately you can’t let the vast hurdles and costs of any litigation abroad foreign language cannot, such as double attorney fees, fee of a sworn interpreter, additional travel and hotel costs, etc. A formerly “cheap” operation can be a financial disaster.” His colleague Dr.

Stephan Gunther agrees with him that agree: “the quality of the treatment abroad not in my experience is fundamentally different from the in Germany. However, as problematic, I consider the aftercare that is extremely difficult especially with complications. To worry about would be to recognize problems due to the vast distances in time.” The portal collects information about procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. Thanks to the high number of visitors and the reliability of the portal, the results obtained for the target group of those interested in aesthetic plastic surgery can be regarded as valid.


Skin Cosmetics

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medidermic cooperates with Belico-method medidermic skin cosmetic holistic skin care concept with therapeutic medical Dermistic prevents independent advice and education, use of questionable ingredients by previous. Knowledge of lack of access many consumers to inappropriate cosmetic products and daily use products that are ineffective or even harmful. Choosing the right help specialized institutions and qualified beauticians. “Much helps a lot” and “expensive is equally good” are classic misunderstanding among many users of cosmetics, as well as the assumption that with the reputation of a product at the same time “compatibility” and “Effectiveness” is accompanied by. But in reality often is not so.

Interestingly enough most people go first rather alone, to fight with their lay knowledge of ingredients by the rack railways of the beauty temple and drugstores or to read, than to contact specially trained estheticians or manufacturer. And this often also for good reason. Are which precisely Representatives of the cosmetics industry often not very least in her assessment, because you can’t deny a clear intention of selling them. Practically is renamed each yet so simple content label in fine and confusing concepts in industry and advertising or verklausuliert in Latin. Aqua is just better than water, learn it here. But seriously: more and more people want to know what’s “in” and that but not only when your food especially for cosmetics. Finally, the body must cope every day so most.

Been to develop deeper-acting products and techniques, physicians find unfortunately increasingly unwanted residues of cosmetic products in human organs, where actually none should be found. “Locks up” is the cosmetics magic word for the especially deep intrusion into the skin time with technology, times with active ingredients. But what is it with the actual ingredients of the products still so everything in the body “is introduced”, we wanted to dedicate the us at medidermic more accurate and people Provide security and intelligence before they are available at the box office. For this we are committed completely therapeutic skin treatment, especially in people with problems or premature aging of the skin. In collaboration with Belico product specialist we look first targeted in databases of ingredients, to find out whether the used foreign product is at all suitable and safe for the body, when it enters deeper. And it promotes a lot for days in this research and learns that much in just the creaminess and shelf life products used and natural fragrances with perfumes are covered. Tolerability or efficacy often only plays the second role. We take this fails return purchased products taking into account at medidermic and replace with preparations with same or better effect without substances of concern and guarantee an effective it additionally. An online therapist is answer at medidermic the site daily and free discussions to get the knowledge, the you need to buy without hesitation even ideal cosmetics and apply.


3 Simple Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin

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There are plenty of articles out there on how to make your skin look young again. But what if you still? How do young women keep their skin for the way it is now well into the future? The following five easy tips can help you maintain your youthful glow. 1. Use Sunscreen, Never Tan is difficult for young women to resist the warm glow that a few hours of tanning can bring. But the damage that is done under the surface accumulates over time – ultimately leaving the skin dull and thin. By the time premature aging becomes evident, significant amounts of damage occurs below the surface.

Instead of a week of beauty, I think in the long term beauty. If you really want to give your skin an added glow, try bright lotions and makeup. Or, for a darker look, try artificial tanners (but be careful, sometimes can leave you looking more orange than tan). Do not forget that you can experience the damaging effects the sun even if you are not deliberately trying to tan. Make applying sunscreen part of your daily routine.

Purchasing moisturizers with sunscreen as they can help. Remember, only 15 minutes of sun exposure each day provides vitamin D it needs to stay healthy. 2. Eating the right foods. You have always heard the phrase “You are what you eat” and that is right in speaking of his skin! What you eat is not only relevant to their weight. It also affects the health of your skin. Clinical studies have shown that diets with foods rich in fatty acids and antioxidants can help keep your youthful skin. Food good for your skin include fish, vegetables, whole grains and fruits including all kinds of berries. The antioxidants in the diet can help reduce the appearance of age spots. Fatty acids are one of the components of metabolic processes in the body that are also essential for maintaining healthy skin. Make these foods part of your diet daily can benefit you in the coming years. 3. Clean and moisturize! Do not neglect your skin. For normal skin, a mild day is all you need. Using a cloth strip unnecessarily and tears in the skin. Clean your skin with your fingers using gentle circular motions, paying particular attention not to extend the delicate eye area. Moisturizing skin is also important to protect from the effects of elements such as wind, pollution, and sun (if it is a moisturizer sunscreen). Not only protect the skin from the outside, but also helps maintain its natural moisture from the inside. Note that spending a lot of money is not necessary. If your skin is oily or has a problem with acne, use products designed specifically for your skin type. You may want to consult a dermatologist to seek prescription treatments. Never attempt to pop the grain. This will increase the size of your pores and possibly cause scarring. Basically, if your skin is young, the value of it! Taking simple precautions can help keep it that way. Think of the benefits of having healthy skin in the future. Use sunscreen, eat healthy, and following a daily skin regimen. You do not need much money to maintain healthy skin. All it takes is common sense and good lifestyles choices. Amie Gerlowski writes about skin care such as and get more information