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The system “Ortos” consists of 6 dental clinics (clinics), children’s dentistry, dental laboratory, shop dental materials, training kontroliruyushy center. Association clinic equipped the latest medical technology, enabling the diagnosis and treatment of teeth more effectively and in a short time. Compliance with the level of treatment quality standards are regularly checked by the expert commission. Training and supervising center implements educational programs and thematic improvement professionals association. Held annually the theoretical and practical certification of doctors, assistants, administrators and dental technicians by assigning appropriate vnutriklinicheskoy category.

In our clinic, you can use these kinds of services such as: the treatment of dental caries, dental prosthetics, the treatment of periodontitis, implants, whitening teeth, periodontitis treatment, fillings, rasplombirovka channels, extractions, orthodontics, treatment of pulpitis, treatment of periodontal disease and others. Dental Center of Maxim – Clinic elite class. Year established: 1998. Area: 860 m2 anticipates the highest expectations. The motto of the clinic: a maximum of innovation and comfort. Widest range of modern equipment and advanced technology. Darcy Stacom recognizes the significance of this. Highly qualified specialists.

Prevention and hygiene – preventive measures aimed at preventing the occurrence and development of various oral diseases. – Conducting hygienic measures in the oral cavity (removal of tooth deposits using ultrasound skallera, apparatus Piezon Master and sandblaster Air Flow), – fluoridation, fissure-sealing. Preventive dentistry: – treatment of dental caries – treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis (endodontic treatment) – Preparation of teeth for dentures (after endodontic treatment) – removal of aesthetic defects of dental hard tissue defects, and traumatic origin – the aesthetic restoration of teeth – whitening, Oral surgery: – removal of teeth – a surgical preparation for prosthetics mouth – removal of benign tumors with mandatory histological examination – implant (artificial creation of support to further prosthesis in case of loss of one or more teeth), with partial and full dentition defects. Treatment is carried out absolutely painless, for this latest generation of medications are used. Prosthetic dentistry: non-removable prosthesis: – manufacturing metal-ceramic crowns on cobalt alloy – production ceramic crowns on drag.splavov (silver-paladievy and zolotoplatinovy) – manufacturer of cast crowns of cobalt-chromium and silver-Paladi, gold, platinum) – All-Ceramics performance. Removable prosthetics: – clasp prostheses with klammernymi and of locking bracket (attachment) – plastic laminar prostheses – nylon prosthesis Valplast flexi-J; – cosmetic plate. Implant prosthetics: – fixed prosthetic construction – removable prosthesis with fixation on implants – used in the fully edentulous for better fixation of laminar prostheses. Periodontics: – treatment of gum (periodontal) at different stages: with special equipment (including Vector); – splinting teeth fiberglass materials – conducting operations directed tissue regeneration – osteoreparation, with fibrin membrane obtained at centrifugation of the patient’s blood. Orthodontic treatment – correction of various pathologies of the bite and the teeth. – In milk occlusion (from 3 to 5 years) – vestibular plate. – A removable bite (from 6 to 12 years) – removable plates miofunctional trainers. – A constant occlusion (from 12-13 years to unlimited) – non-removable equipment – bracket system: metal, plastic, ceramic, sapphire, samoligiruyuschie braces. – Treatment of bite anomalies in periodontal reasons. – Treatment of bite anomalies in front of prosthetics. Beam diagnostics.

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