Spectrometry Filters

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Applications with sensors with 128 and 256 sensing elements arranged in a row are increasing strongly. DIAS infrared offers solutions. The DIAS infrared GmbH manufactures highly sensitive sensors for measurements in the infrared spectral range for many years. In addition to the sensors with one to four spectral channels in metal round housings applications using sensors with 128 and 256 sensing elements arranged in a row increase currently strong. The individual elements of distance in these sensors 100 m and 50 m. For the spectrometry has the DIAS infrared GmbH with the types 128LTx SP0. 5, 128LTx SP1. 0 and 256LTI SP0.

5 sensors with particularly long elements both with ordinary narrow – and broad-band filters with linear gradient filters well designed terminals can be. To cover a further spectral range with a single sensor especially for the use of gradient filters, now also sensors with two integrated lines arranged in parallel can be offered. Each of the two sensor lines can be a separate filter be. The signals of both sensors are evaluated separately. This dual line sensors in the version 2x128LTx SP0 available.

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