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The savings provider management on the basis of SolveDirect coordinates the cooperation with the providers of s & t, Telecom Austria, Mettler Toledo, Bizerba, Gunnebo and Wincor Nixdorf, which provide the technical support for the equipment in the shops and offices. For example the credit card reader at the checkout fails, this would be a critical situation, especially on a Saturday, when the stores are crowded. With SolveDirect a support ticket can be created and automatically routed with the necessary priority to the right provider. “It must what service level agreements with the technical service provider are, contact them personally what technician is responsible, and provide with the device data, then repair appointment as soon as possible to arrange and monitor, clarify not like so far the store manager first, that it also adhered to will.” explains Roland Hahn, head of Department of computer science and communication technology of the Spar ICSZN04 in St. Polten. Today are 1,270 SPAR branches and Connected branches of the SolveDirect platform. SPAR uses the platform not only for the management of the provider, but also for the internal communication between the IT departments in the Salzburg headquarters and the six branch offices.

The entire device portfolio of 37,000 active devices is inventory in a database, so that if necessary in real time can be checked whether it is a replacement in stock or a new device must be ordered. SolveDirect is controlled by pro active, when which devices need to be replaced. Thus, downtime by obsolete equipment can be avoid, monitor the quality of the portfolio and better plan upcoming investments. Efficient processes contribute a substantial portion of our above-average growth and are an integral part of our corporate philosophy is the always the man in the Center. 2010, the SPAR Austria Group has implemented a number of projects to improve internal processes. These include for example electronic workflows.

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