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Wireless home automation eliminates standby problem and offers more efficient power-saving measures of Breckerfeld, December 15, 2008 for the coming year many power suppliers increase their prices. Consumers therefore seek ways that they actively reduce their energy consumption, since this increases rapidly especially in the winter. The manufacturer offers an efficient and progressive approach duwi: energy consumption without sacrificing any comfort adjusted with the duwi Z-Wave wireless system up to the actual needs of the residents. The home control solution allows automatic and demand-oriented control of lighting, heating systems, so that only consumes energy, where it is actually needed. In addition, it is possible to turn off the juice secret power guzzlers in stand by mode with little effort using the system. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system is a simple and fast solution to modernize the electrical installations of a budget free from dust and dirt.

Due to the installation of Lighting, heating, blinds or multimedia devices can be controlled conveniently networked wireless switches and adapters by button, remote control, PC or PDA and Smartphones. Because the system is completely without cable, it can be install quickly and rebuild, for example, during a procession, and at a different location. The energy needs of a household greatly increases energy savings without sacrificing any comfort in the cold season. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system creates a series of possibilities, with which consumers can actively save energy. For each device that is embedded in the radio network there are lamps, heaters or blinds can be set for example uptime where it is enabled or disabled. Examples: automatic closing shutters prevent heat loss, button all lights can be or other consumers clear, and a Z-Wave-controlled heating system reduced at night, or in the absence of the residents automatically the room temperature. On the actual Needs of residents adapted control saves electricity and heat and leads to a responsible use of valuable energy resources, which are also financially beneficial.

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