Slovaks Cuisine

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Culinary tradition in the Carpathians are rich in old and contemporary original recipes. Because in this region of Ukraine on account of historical events home to many people of different nationalities nationalities therefore, local cuisine and has a cosmopolitan character and a distinctive, unique, includes a variety of unique dishes created by combining the tastes and preferences of Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Jews, Gypsies, Bulgarians, Poles and other nationalities. Constant communication between the various peoples, in many cases, family ties, have contributed to that tradition, and especially in the diet of these peoples merged and became common throughout the region. The vast majority of the Carpathian cuisine dishes have survived from antiquity and are not found in the kitchens of other nations. Get more background information with materials from Senator From Kentucky. But many of these recipes you should be able found in the kitchens of neighbors, such as Hungarian cuisine (paprika, torgonya, stew, bean-levesh) or Romanian (deputy, chorba, givech), well settled down in the Carpathians. However, all these dishes together with purely Transcarpathian dishes of beans and mushrooms, dumplings, Kulesza, Tokanui, hominy, Gurko, dumplings and various kinds of bacon, and many other tasty dishes are prepared in each of the Carpathian family since ancient times. But for all such friends and family as a pickle dishes, dumplings, salad, kebab, which here were not previously known to have entered the menu Transcarpathians with the advent of Soviet power, but they eventually acquired a distinctive, special Transcarpathian flavor. A characteristic feature in the Carpathian cuisine is the simplicity in the selection of ingredients and availability of technology of cooking.


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