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Connections of separate housing, social development and the attitude towards family and traditional ways of life there is really a trend to the single life or only to the living alone? And what impact have separate apartments on a relationship? The fact is that a separation of the partner or the partner is easier with your own apartment. It is also fact that nowadays with the Internet is made it easy each to find someone new. These facts contribute to the falling birth rate and the adjustment to the traditional family in Germany. The number of singles is reportedly steadily increasing. Especially in large cities, there will be more and more. Information about come mainly from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. This however is not of single households, but by single-person households.

This is equated in many media. But living alone is not necessarily alone. The typical structures of togetherness, of family and of common aging have changed. It is not uncommon, so that Run relations with separate apartments. The typical cohabitant family becomes extinct more and more with several children, which is also confirmed by the Federal Statistical Office. The extreme birth decline is no indication of more singles. Relationships occur anyway.

Only children get is always unpopular, so that you get to see less and less young people in Germany in the future. It will talk about the old state of Germany and if you look around does not appear unfounded. In addition to the well-known arguments for the falling birth rate as career before family or the significant financial effort for children, also separate living can be called. What is seen as an advantage for the individual, is the downside for the company. It is now time separately living easier to separate quickly from the partner or the partner. What expenses would be associated with a separation, if you lived together. In addition, that it is easy nowadays, too, to make new acquaintances. Where earlier more elaborate Visits to the disco or a rare chance encounter were needed, there is the Internet today. In his own apartment, fast times, the PC is switched on. A single portal can be found quickly, or you can find it. No matter where you just surf, an advertising convincing ever to click with beautiful women or attractive men. The temptation is great. And because single portals are very popular, you can find someone who looks better than the own partner or the own partner from the huge selection of members quickly sometimes. It is very easily made from a relationship to come out and to start a new relationship, one which must be not necessarily reprehensible. Ultimately, everyone wants to enjoy his life and experience as much as possible. The current state of the art and the attitude to life help her notigstes. The biological meaning of life to reproduce and carry his genes, is preserved in the back of many people still. If too late, with advanced age beyond the 30 again the trend to do so, one Family to establish, to have children, to live together and to live. Often as a last minute panic, referred to, but rather is the need for peace and settling down. The evolutionary genetic determination prevails, albeit in a lesser degree, at some point.

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