Shower Room Class

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Already at the stage of deciding on the need for repair, you should try to formulate as precisely as possible all their desires, then to choose the right way to implement them. This is, in principle, relates to the repair of any room, but especially – to repair the bathroom and toilet rooms. Boring wallpaper can perekleit, repaint the ceiling, doors all replaced, but the newly renovated bathroom is difficult both in terms of time unavailability of health benefits, as well as from the material point of view. Therefore, we must provide in advance all. The main material for finishing the bathroom is now a bar.

Her varied and textured color range to suit your needs. First of all, you need to determine the quality of the tiles. Tiles for walls and laying on the floor differ from each other by their physical qualities. Wall is used as Typically, glazed ceramic tile, which has low permeability and high resistance to aggressive chemicals, which make up household chemicals for cleaning, polishing and disinfection. Tile for sex, in addition to the already mentioned properties, must have high strength and not be slippery.

Tile varies by class abrasion and water absorption. Tile first class less abrasion wear resistant, than fifth, but in the case of a bathroom in an apartment that does not play a role. Wear resistance is an important factor in the health rooms in public places. But the class of water absorption (of 4 classes) is important. For finishing bathroom tile to choose the first class (3% moisture absorption), in extreme cases – the second one. The second step is to understand the desired color scheme bathroom. It is fashionable to use in bright finish materials a large figure, but whether it is reasonable in the standard bath, measuring 3 square meters. m? Bright colors are out of fashion, can quickly get bored.

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