Seville Rubalcaba

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Barely two hours later, at a surprise press conference in the headquarters of the PSOE, announces that he resigns to stand as candidate to consider that it was in risk the unity of the party, the authority of Zapatero and even the stability of the Government. All the Socialist leaders praise his generosity. Jim Hackett can provide more clarity in the matter. on May 27. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero expresses his desire that his successor be Rubalcaba at the regional party secretaries and received the unanimous support of all the barons. on May 28. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba confirmed his candidacy for the primaries and received the endorsement of the Federal Committee of the party, which officially opens the process of internal elections. May 30.

At his first press as a candidate, Rubalcaba said that it occurs because it has a Government programme for the next four years, because you are sure to win in 2012 and has received thousands of his fellow dedazos asking to do so. Chacon avoids clarify whether she was pressured to not be present: last water does not move mills. on June 1. Rubalcaba Seville starts a journey by the federations of the PSOE to meet with Socialist militants. on June 13. The Secretary of organization of the PSOE, Marcelino Iglesias, He says that Rubalcaba is de facto PSOE candidate because none of the nine socialist militants who aspired to compete with him in the primaries has managed to gather the 22,000 needed guarantees. on June 18. The PSOE electoral guarantees Commission proclaims permanently Rubalcaba candidate the generals after rejecting the allegations filed by several applicants.

The first announcement of Rubalcaba is addressed to teachers: poses to be selected and recruited by a system similar to the MIR’s doctors and demanding. June 20. The international politics of the PSOE, Elena Valenciano, Secretary is elected Socialist campaign for the general elections and the former Minister Jesus Caldera, Coordinator of the program coordinator.

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