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The main cause of stretch marks – pregnancy, but they are often associated with weight changes in diet (such as weight loss, and with increasing), with intense sports and others. Gel Rilastil Stretch Marks used as part of the complex prevention and treatment of stretch marks RILASTIL INTENSIVE STRETCH MARKS from Istituto Ganassini. Due to the complex functional substances such as extract of Saccharomyces in liposomal form, essential amino acids (valine, Leucine, isoleucine) of vegetable origin, panthenol, tocopherol, niacinamide, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronate, Gel Rilastil Stretch Marks prevents pink stretch marks, increase skin elasticity improves its appearance. The emulsion is applied to stretch RILASTIL: to prevent stretch marks and skin care products for stretch marks. Recovery hydrolipid mantle of the skin. to moisturize and increase skin elasticity and reduce the manifestations of aging such as fading.

water-oil emulsion with a physiological pH, is used alone or as part of comprehensive care Rilastil Stretch Marks from stretch marks. as an alternative to cream of stretch marks when Rilastil dry and prone to drying out the skin. Due to the presence of rice bran oil formula, vitamins (panthenol, tocopherol), wetting agents (natural moisturizing factor NMF, soybean oil), essential amino acids (Valine, leucine, isoleucine), hydrolyzed wheat proteins (izoaminoatsidov), phospholipids, and allantoin, emulsion Rilastil Stretch Marks not only helps to prevent stretch marks, but also has a long and protective moisturizer action, increases skin elasticity, improves its appearance. RILASTIL – life energy for your skin! Prepared by the beauty salon Beauty Shop

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