Psychoanalysis Psychology

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Several of the consequences of the daily struggle to keep the man in the demanding social environment in which must operate, are among others, a loss of identity, a strong sense of anxiety or distress, ill-concealed aggression, poor response to emotional situations and / or emotional, etc. But not all such conflicts are a result of this struggle. And why so many people have, more or less, a situation in which they are compensated, both in the emotional aspect and the social and economic, they feel depressed, anxious, with panic attacks, etc..? yQue is what causes this type of situation when the environment is everything in order and yet we feel bad? Generally, what the person does not know is that everyone, absolutely everyone, we are bearers of certain unconscious conflicts that sometimes prevent us from giving an adequate answer to many of the specific situations with which we face. Of course people do not realize that we are the bearers of these conflicts because, as noted, are totally unaware. These conflicts were acquired in our early childhood and as a defense of them, were repressed in our unconscious mind.

Today there are several schools of psychology that seek to help people resolve such conflicts, but it is evident that the psychoanalytic school that advantage over the others, get help people to resolve their conflicts, delving into your unconscious mind. This healing technique is given the name of psychoanalysis. yQue is psychoanalysis? Once born psychoanalysis, which began with the study of hysterical neurosis, was gradually becoming more widespread all the emotional conflicts of human beings.

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